“Do I get the whole chocolate factory now?”

Episode Title: Risk Management
Original Air Date: February 19, 2017
Episode Number: 2×01

Episode Description

In the aftermath of their Season One confrontation, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod are digging out of the wreckage. Chuck faces scrutiny from within his office and from the Attorney General. Axe refortifies Axe Capital and weighs his options for retaliation. The fund wrestles with a precarious economic landscape that threatens the very existence of Axe Capital. Wendy entertains an offer from a rival hedge fund manager. Lara intervenes in an emergency at her children’s school.

My Review

And let the cat and mouse game between Axe and Chuck commence for this season. It’s looking like Axe has the upper hand this time with him coming up with that idea to have people who have grievances against Chuck file a class action lawsuit. Very interesting. And on top of that, Chuck is also looking at a possible firing from his job thanks to Bryan tipping off Dake’s office about the misconduct going on in Chuck’s office. Did not expect this at all, for Bryan to do this to Chuck, but since Bryan seems to have a conscience, he had no choice but to do it. Let’s see how Chuck can combat these two things. Definitely a great setup for this season.

On the personal front, Chuck is not better off. Axe giving Wendy that $5M bonus is going to screw him over so bad and it’s too bad that Wendy didn’t tell Chuck about it. Must be nice to quit your job and then to still get that $5M bonus, lol. If only we’re all so lucky.

Axe trying to convince Wendy to go back and work for him reeks of desperation, but I truly believe him that he’s better at his job when she’s by his side working alongside with him. It will also be very interesting to see how these two will continue to cross paths if they won’t be working together.

I continue to really just enjoy scenes between Wendy and Axe because the chemistry between Maggie and Damian is absolutely magnetic. There’s an underlying sexual chemistry/tension in their scenes (that I hope the writers never pursue) and I just love watching the two of them going at it mentally and playing their head games. It’s great to see their minds at work. One brilliant person interacting with someone who’s as brilliant as them. The only thing I didn’t like was Axe not respecting Wendy’s wishes and still going to see her despite her being adamant that she will never go back to work for him and that she doesn’t want to see him. Loved it when she told Axe “I’m not your anything.”

Meanwhile, Lara proves that she’s not to be messed with. I was a bit iffy on the character for part of season one, but there’s no denying that she’s a force to be reckoned with. She has to be since she’s married to Bobby. Her getting her friend to serve as a nurse at her sons’ school and getting the school “nurse” fired was the ultimate show of a person who has the world at the palm of their hands. Lara is correct, but the blatant show of power was a turnoff and so impressive at the same time.

I’m already over Wags’ antics. I foresee him dying of a drug overdose before this season ends. I want Steph, Axe’s new chief of staff to be Axe’s main right hand person (she already sort of is, but she’s not truly in on the behind the scenes talk in regards to Axe and the company). Her handling Wags and telling him to stop fucking around using the company’s resources for his enjoyment was perfect. She’s no-nonsense and seems pretty loyal.

I look forward to the rest of the season. Very promising start.


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