“I’m sorry I raided your fridge”

Episode Title: Wes
Original Air Date: February 24, 2017
Episode Number: 3×15

Episode Description

Annalise and the Keating 4 test the limits of how far they’ll go to save themselves while the chilling details from the night of the fire reveal who killed Wes.

My Review

Oh man, that finale had everything! Lots of twists and turns and the biggest thing is that they all got away with murder. Daaaaaamn. This was so great and I don’t think anyone suspected Laurel’s dad to be the one to order Wes killed for whatever reason. That’s why they brought up Laurel’s dad and the whole kidnapping thing last episode and then again in this episode when Oliver stereotypically assumed Laurel’s dad is a leader of a drug cartel. Aside from being a protective father, what reason did he have for ordering Wes dead? I guess this is going to the plot for next season. Should be interesting to see everyone gunning for him, including his own daughter.

I mistakenly confused the character of Dominick in my review of the previous episode that he was Rebecca’s foster brother. Didn’t we meet someone in season one as Rebecca’s foster brother? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong because this is really messing with my mind that I can’t remember if this is true or not, lol.

So was Mrs. Mahoney pulling Annalise’s leg when she said that Wes was Charles’ son and not Wallace’s? I actually laughed out loud at this reveal because it seemed preposterous, but when you think about it, maybe it really is the truth. What other reason could Mama Mahoney be lying for? The real shock here is that the Mahoneys really had nothing to do with Wes’ death. Yet another red herring!

Laurel going after everyone in this episode got a bit annoying, but then I have to remind myself that she’s still grieving and still don’t know who’s responsible for Wes’ death so she gets a pass for reacting this way. I was taken aback by her flat out accusing Bonnie about killing Rebecca. This is still a loose thread that I wish the writers would address next season.

Annalise pinning everything on Wes was a brilliant plan, but it still had to hurt that they had to do that to someone that they all clearly love and care for just so they could all get off scot-free. Damn. Fantastic job, as always, by Viola during the therapy/meeting session.

Michaela and Asher, omg. Who knew these two crazy kids would be the show’s OTP? They have come so far and I just love and enjoy them together. Asher’s declaration of love was so sweet and I felt so bad when Michaela ran out on him, but then she said it back to him later on. This whole scene was pretty funny because you have Laurel freaking out and telling her to stop and that this isn’t the right time, lol.

I loved Michaela and Laurel’s talk in the bathroom and Michaela asking Laurel how one knows when they’re in love. I just wanted to give Michaela a hug when she revealed that she had a rough childhood and that she never knew what love was or experienced love. And then Laurel broke my heart when she told Michaela that she knew she was in love with Wes when it was already too late.

Asher stress eating was one of my favorite moments of the episode and then him inadvertently making Laurel throw up made me laugh out loud. He’s something else.

Oliver and Connor are back together, of course. And they’ll go and get married. Alright, good for them. I really used to like them, but I’m just meh on them now. Too much drama.

Bring on next season!


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