“Mahalo, Top Chef. Mahalo.”

Episode Title: Trial By Fire
Original Air Date: February 23, 2017
Episode Number: 14×13

Episode Description

The Yucatan Peninsula is the setting for a challenge to cook a dish showcasing the local habanero. Later, the chefs learn about traditional Maya cooking, then they create a dish using only ancient Maya ingredients and tools. Appearing: Jeremiah Tower; Roberto Munoz Zurita; Roberto Solis; and Guillermo Beristain.

My Review

That was a gut-wrenching episode. I would have preferred a Brooke/Sheldon finale so I was gutted when it came down to the two of them and one of them had to be eliminated. I do love both of them, but I’m glad it’s Brooke who is in the finale because she was my favorite during their season in Seattle. Poor Sheldon, though. Second time now that he’s finished third and not able to make it to the finale. I’m just hoping that Brooke doesn’t see a repeat of her season too, with her getting second place.

There are a lot of parallels to the Seattle season with this season:

1) Two female chefs in the finale
2) One of the chefs is of Asian descent
3) One of the chefs came back from Last Chance Kitchen
4) One of the chefs is Brooke (lol)
5) Sheldon went home before the finale

There probably are more, but those are the ones that come to mind right away.

Everyone just seemed so sad that Sheldon got eliminated. Brooke tearing up, Padma tearing up, and Tom even looking sad. I loved that Sheldon got a short clip of his time in Top Chef. I don’t remember if the show did that before with the other contestants. Sheldon is a great chef and a wonderful person and I foresee nothing but a bright future ahead of him. Tom and Padma are huge fans of his and they believe that he will be one of the great chefs of the US. As a fellow Filipino, I’m proud of him and I couldn’t have picked a better chef to represent my culture.

I hope that Sheldon gets to come back as a sous chef and that he ends up cooking with Brooke. I have enjoyed their friendship throughout this season and I thought it was sweet when Brooke said that she wants to cook with Sheldon in the finale not because he’s a weak competitor, but because she wants both of them to cook side by side and to experience this together. And her saying he’s like a brother to her was so sweet.

Shirley picked a good time to knock it out of the park with her dish. Good for her. She definitely deserved to be in the finale, too. They all did.

It’s going to be a kickass finale because both Brooke and Shirley are complete badasses in the kitchen and are fierce competitors. Can’t wait! Brooke for the win!


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