“‘What is wrong with me?’ For starters, I’m dead.”

Episode Title: Dark Paradise
Original Air Date: February 20, 2017
Episode Number: 5×01

Episode Description

As the fifth and final season opens, Norman tries to keep up appearances despite a troubling discovery while Dylan and Emma receive a surprise guest.

My Review

Welcome back to the best show no one is watching (of course this doesn’t apply to the awesome people on here who have great taste and who are watching this show)! This was my number one on my best TV shows list for 2016 so this is how much I adore this show. I’m continually appalled at the lack of awards recognition for the show, Vera, and Freddie. I’ll even thrown in Kerry Ehrin’s name in here for her writing and behind the scenes contributions. The entire cast and crew deserve all the awards.

This was a bit of a quiet premiere which set up the season pretty well. We found out where each character is after some time has passed since last season. Did I miss the title card where it showed how much time has passed? Has it been three years since Norma’s death?

Norman: unhinged as ever and has fully immersed into the dual personalities with himself and as Norma. I would feel sorry for him if it weren’t for him being a murderer and for being a pervert spying on his motel guests. I don’t feel any sympathy for him so it will be interesting to see how the show is going to balance this fine line in making Norman not so reprehensible that viewers will be completely turned off by his actions. It’s obvious that Madeline woman is not going to last through the season. My money is on her being Norman’s next kill. Mother will go on a killing rage and murder that poor woman.

Norma: awesomely vindictive as ever. She’s being passive aggressive and is telling Norman not to be involved with anyone and not to have friends because it will mess up their lives and the secrets that they are keeping. Mother is the more “rational” side of Norman in that Norma warning him not to socialize will get him found out and she’s always the one who goes into action when shit hits the fan.

Alex: I had a feeling he sent that guy to kill Norman. It’s too bad (for him) that the guy wasn’t successful because now Alex will probably do it himself, kill Norman if/when he gets out which I hope is soon because watching him in prison working out, if hot, is not really entertaining.

Dylan and Emma: they’re married? And have a baby?! What the what!? This was probably the biggest shocker of this episode. I’m super happy for them and I hope they have a happy ending because lord knows someone on this show deserves to have a happy ending. They are a beautiful couple, that’s for sure, and that baby is adorable.

Caleb: Emma is right. Having Caleb around will put Dylan in an awkward position when their baby grows up and starts asking about “grandpa.” I actually felt kinda sorry for Caleb for being told to leave, but then I remember what he did to Norma and I’m just like “Why would I ever feel sorry for you? You deserve this.”

Random observations:

– Leave it up to this show to have At Last playing while we watch Norman and Norma get rid of the dead body and dump it in the lake.

– That shot of a frozen Norma in the freezer and Norman putting his head on her lap is what the show does best. That was creepy as hell.

– Norma saying “What is wrong with me? For starters, I’m dead.” Quote of the episode right there.


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