“We’re waiting for the cable guy?”

Episode Title: Casus Belli
Original Air Date: February 19, 2017
Episode Number: 6×05

Episode Description

Keane gets sidelined. Carrie’s work follows her home.

My Review

Well, that certainly was an episode! Non-stop suspense from beginning to end with Quinn doing everything he can to honor what Carrie said to protect Franny. Of course, he was definitely overdoing it, but you can’t really fault the guy since he’s still not fully 100% mentally. I just felt sorry for him as the situation got worse and worse and it started when that stupid reporter knocked on the back door and got pushy which drove Quinn to the edge and he pulled her inside and threatened her and then pushed her down the stairs. Damn.

And then it got even worse when he took one of the ESU guys hostage. Thankfully he didn’t hurt the guy. I had a feeling that if Carrie didn’t push Quinn to the ground, that he would have definitely gotten shot because he was still holding that machine gun when the SWAT team barged into the house. Really scary moment there because I really thought someone would fire a shot and then Carrie or Franny or Latisha would have accidentally gotten hit.

Thinking about the logistics of shooting this scene and it’s making me nutty. If i lived on that block, I would have been pissed off if the shooting went through late at night, lol. I wonder which part of Brooklyn they shot that.

Quinn is in a whole lot of trouble, though. How is Carrie going to get him out now? Maybe the evidence on his phone will do it, but first she has to prove that what Quinn is claiming is true and not just go running to the cops or the FBI because they would probably turn it around on Quinn and have him be tied to the blast somehow.

My theory that the FBI was the one who was spying on Carrie and who set up Sekou was blown to bits (no pun intended) in this episode. I have no doubt that Dar was the one who masterminded everything all to put Keane in her place and to teach her a lesson. He knows that Carrie and Keane have been having secret meetings. He knows that Carrie is representing Sekou. He knows that Sekou was released. He knows where Sekou worked and ordered his spy to plant that bomb on Sekou’s van. Sometimes I wonder if Dar is good or bad. Right now, he’s definitely leaning towards the bad. If he really did this, his ass is going to get thrown in jail for putting American lives in danger on home soil, no less. He’s really that petty to organize all this just to muzzle Keane?

Carrie’s NSA source not being the one to give her the recording of the FBI and the informant was a shock. So who was it? Did Dar somehow intercept Carrie’s NSA source’s request for the information and sent someone to deliver it to her desk complete with flowers? Who else could it have been?

And what about Dar throwing Keane in that house without any means of communication for her staff and not even giving her a TV to find out what the hell is going on? WTF, DAR!?!?! Who else is working with him because there’s no way this much coordination is accomplished by one guy without the help of some very powerful people? Is the president in on this?

Did anyone else thought the caretaker of the house Keane is holed up in was going to assassinate her? It looked very suspicious when she closed the door and we see her standing behind Keane lurking in the background looking ominous. Damn, Dar. What the fuck have you got planned for Keane?

I really hope Saul figures out what the hell Dar is up to and fucks up his plan. Dar knew about Atai holding Saul hostage and probably ordered him to. Hell, Dar definitely ordered Mossad to brief Nafisi before Saul gets to brief him. The only thing that Dar didn’t plan was Saul going away that night to meet with his Iranian informant in the last episode. Dar genuinely looked surprised at that. Score one for Saul.

Oh man, my heart is still beating fast after watching that. Really great episode.


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