“This is why I don’t have Facebook”

Episode Title: The Man Behind the Shield
Original Air Date: February 14, 2017
Episode Number: 4×14

Episode Description

Mace fights for his life while Coulson and team find themselves in a deadly cat-and-mouse game as they attempt his rescue.

My Review

This episode blew my mind! What is real and what isn’t real? That is the question. How do we even know that FitzSimmons really aren’t the LMDs and that all of this is not taking place in the Framework? Jemma mentioned something about seeing some gas…what if they were all gassed and that’s when everyone was swapped? Oh my God, so many questions! I’ll leave the theories to people smarter than me and I’ll just read and enjoy those theories.

Still not buying the whole May/Coulson soulmate thing the show is angling for. I never got the sense that they were attracted to each other through the four years I’ve been watching this show and it annoys me that the writers keep on pushing this relationship down the audience’s throats. Don’t make Philinda happen, show. Just like “fetch”, it ain’t ever gonna happen. I was kinda grossed out by the ending where Coulson turned on LMD May so he can get it on with her. Gag me.

If Fitz and Simmons really aren’t LMDs, I’m curious how they’re going to save everyone without betraying the fact that they know the rest of the team are LMDs. They’re both super smart so if anyone can solve this, it will be them. I liked their conversation earlier in the episode where Jemma told Fitz that he shouldn’t feel guilty about what Radcliffe did with his tech. I also liked Mack’s conversation with Fitz about being responsible for what he creates and to think about the consequences. I love these three and I kinda wish that Mack was not one of the LMDs.

Who else was yelling at Daisy to use her powers when she was fighting the Superior? Come on, that was just stupid. Also stupid was leaving the Superior behind instead of taking him with them and hold him captive. But now that we know that Daisy was swapped as an LMD, I guess it makes sense now why both of these things had to happen.

Another gripe about Daisy. Why isn’t she helping Fitz figure out Radcliffe’s Framework and how to find them? Isn’t she supposed to be the world’s best hacker? Whatever happened to that specialty of hers?

Is next episode supposed to wrap up the LMD story? I can’t wait. This arc has been very good.


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