“Do not touch my mess!”

Episode Title: A Grain of Deception
Original Air Date: February 17, 2017
Episode Number: 4×02

Episode Description

Queen Mary discovers there is a leak amongst her advisors and sets out to uncover the traitor. Queen Elizabeth enlists Narcisse to further her quest for supremacy. Meanwhile, Catherine takes desperate measures to regain some of the power she has lost.

My Review

I continue to ADORE this season so far. All three women (Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine) are giving me so much life. See, this is the show I want with no romantic shenanigans. Just three women who are ruling their respective countries and conspiring to come out on top. Who needs men when you have these three very capable women? I sure as hell don’t.

Let’s start in England and Elizabeth. It’s too bad her plan to entrap Knox didn’t work and just made her an even bigger target among her Protestant nobles. She had no choice but to kill those 50 traitors but it must still weigh heavily on her. Knox is right, though. If people get wind of this, Elizabeth’s reign will be in serious trouble. And now she’s made enemies of Narcisse who went straight to Darnley’s mother after his release to let her know that Elizabeth paid off Lord White not to marry Darnley’s lover. Oh, Narcisse, never change.

Meanwhile in Scotland, there’s a spy in Mary’s court and I thought it was pretty smart how she and Greer organized that party in order to find out who the spy is. Very cunning. I really hope Greer stays behind in Scotland and Castleroy and Rose end up joining her. I understand her concern about people in court talking about her daughter, but in order to be in royal court, one must have thick skin. I’m sure Greer can take it. She’s had to endure worse while she was in France and heading that brothel. So nice for Mary to have someone to talk to and confide in completely.

I really hope this is the start of James and Mary working together as a team with no more lies and deceit between them. They can make for a pretty formidable team and together they are much more equip to deal with Knox and Elizabeth. It was low of Mary to ask James to seduce Knox’s wife, but things need to be done in order to secure the crown. Mary could have asked another man on her court, but James was the easiest one to convince.

Both of James and Mary’s scenes were really good. I think both actors have great sibling chemistry with each other. James telling Mary that loyalty is earned and that she hasn’t earned his loyalty yet made my jaw drop. He’s right, of course, and I hope we see Mary earning his loyalty little by little. I also liked their last scene where Mary pleads with James to choose her, that they’re the only family they have left and there’s no point in not working together. Such a good scene. Also, kudos to the casting director because Adelaide and the actor playing James really do look like they could be related.

And now on to France. What is happening with Charles??! What kind of disease does he have? Judging from other comments below, he is not due to die yet so what is going on here?

I continue to enjoy Catherine and Leeza sparring with each other. The actresses sure are enjoying chewing the scenery out of their scenes together and we are reaping the benefits. Lots of great lines from Catherine in this episode. I laughed when no one but that one noble showed up to Catherine’s party. And he was only there for the food, lol. I’m not familiar with the history so will France eventually end up being somewhat under Spain’s thumb for a certain amount of time?

I’m ending this review with a few of Catherine’s bon mots:

“Another mass. God must be drowning in our adoration.”

“Do not touch my mess!”

“Leeza can take her false humility and Spanish aggression and she can choke on it.”

And a couple of priceless exchanges:

Charles: I need some air.
Catherine: You can breathe while I speak.

Claude: Charles fired you because you were a self-serving tyrant whom he could no longer trust.
Catherine: Why, Claude, how nice of you to take time away from your grief to criticize.


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