I’m allergic to tequila. If I drink too much of it, I break out… in dance”

Episode Title: Cooking Away in Margaritaville
Original Air Date: February 16, 2017
Episode Number: 14×12

Episode Description

In Guadalajara, Mexico, the three remaining chefs face off against the winner of “Last Chance Kitchen’. The chefs must create a dish using goat, then they are tasked to pair their own cocktail with a dish that incorporates the notes of a margarita.

My Review

Knew it was going to be Brooke who’s coming back from Last Chance Kitchen so that was pretty awesome. I’m rooting for her to go all the way and she was my pick to take it all when this season started so here’s hoping she doesn’t fail me. Loved her winning the Quickfire AND the Elimination Challenge. That’s the Brooke who’s a complete badass and who always comes out on top. I got a little worried for her when her original plan of using tuna didn’t pan out and she had to use coconut meat instead. Whew! Her and Casey were a great team.

Not surprised John was eliminated. I wanted a Brooke/Shirley/Sheldon top three so if he ruined that, I would have been really annoyed. Really hope the show doesn’t bring back Katsuji because him continuing to act like a petulant child is not a good look on him. Enough with the pettiness and the passive aggressive attitude already.

Did anyone catch Tom side-eyeing Richard when Richard called out Brooke for playing it safe with her dish? Loved that moment and I also loved that he gave kudos to Brooke for standing up to Richard for her dish, heh. Most of Richard’s comments didn’t align with the other judges so I wonder if he was just trying to be controversial there.

Props to Sheldon for cooking octopus kinilaw! Go on and introduce the world to Filipino dishes, Sheldon. You are doing an amazing job at it. He was pretty funny in this episode, too, especially his line about being allergic to tequila and breaking out…in dance, lol. He’s so adorable.


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