“Did you just imply I’m stupid?”

Episode Title: It’s War
Original Air Date: February 16, 2017
Episode Number: 3×13

Episode Description

After being robbed of her power, Annalise makes it her mission to take down DA Denver and ADA Atwood. Meanwhile, Asher, Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Oliver continue to wrestle with the weight of Wes’ unsolved murder, and Nate makes a shocking discovery.

My Review

LOL, this show. I love it and thought this episode was fantastic and full of suspense, but I have to laugh at the flashbacks revealing that everyone (exaggerating here) probably stopped by Annalise’s house before the fire. Who will it be next week? Last week we saw Nate looking for Annalise. This week we saw Connor trying to revive an unconscious Wes in the basement. Will we find out who burned down the house next week? Things are heating up (no pun intended).

I want to vote for a lot of the characters as my favorite this week, but ultimately, I went with Michaela. She really has been the MVP for the past few episodes and held the group together when Annalise was in jail. I think the group would have disbanded or confessed to the police if it weren’t for her telling them what to do and not do. I loved her scene with Annalise when Annalise (not explicitly) thanked her for stepping into Annalise’s big shoes and keeping the group together during these hard times.

I also loved that when Michaela first got into Annalise’s car that she just assumed right away that she was going to talk to her about Laurel and to convince her not to do anything rash. Michaela always there for her girl. Makes me smile. 🙂

Annalise was back in fine form in this episode and I cheered when she marched into the State’s office and filed that petition against the Philadelphia DA’s office. BAM! It got thrown out, but still, the damage has already been done. She got Oliver to leak the news about Wes’ missing body and that there are conspiracy and fraud occurring in the DA’s office.

She also figured out Soraya was in Atwood’s pocket and was getting close to Annalise because she made a deal with Atwood to get her kids back if she got some information from Annalise. For a second there I thought Annalise was figuring out that Soraya was attracted to her and it didn’t help that the camera was doing a closeup of Soraya’s face (from Annalise’s perspective) and I really thought the show was going to go there with those two, lol.

Laurel hiring a PI was a smart move (at the moment). I just hope that the Mahoneys don’t find out who she is and that she’s carrying Wes’ baby because if they get wind of that, who knows what they’ll do to her. This is of course assuming that they were responsible for killing Wes because of his involvement with his father’s death and he is a threat to their fortune.

The scene with Laurel and Annalise was probably my favorite moment of the episode. I really enjoy their scenes together more than anyone else, save for Annalise and Bonnie scenes. They already have a great dynamic which is now become a lot more complicated with Wes’ death and how he meant to both of them. Laurel railing at Annalise to get her head in the game and start doing what she has promised to do for them (to protect them) was definitely a cathartic moment for both of them. I have a feeling that Viola and Karla love acting opposite each other and make each other even better. Great chemistry between them.

Frank winning in court to open a subpoena on Atwood’s communications during the day Wes’ body went missing was a great win for Team Keating. Loved this whole sequence and how everyone’s reactions were shown. Annalise is sitting there looking so proud of Frank and Bonnie sitting there with a hint of a smile on her face. Asher, Connor, and Michaela sitting there in shock and disbelief. Atwood and Denver sitting there looking at the shit that is flying everywhere. LOVED IT.

Atwood finally getting her due was pretty awesome. She got suspended and will probably lose her job. Her name is now mud. No one will trust her again. That’s what she gets for going after Annalise so she must have known the risks that came with that.

The scene at Bonnie’s place with Bonnie, Asher, and Michaela confronting Connor was a long time coming and I loved every second of it. I can’t believe it’s only now that they have started asking why he’s always hellbent on pointing the finger at Annalise and why he believes that she did it. He was covering for himself all along, that he was there that night and was trying to revive Wes. I can’t believe he didn’t say anything after all this time. Then again, maybe the reason why he believed Annalise did it is because of the message she left on his phone, that she did something crazy and now she needs their help. Maybe next week will explain why Connor has been acting like a complete ass these past few episodes.

Other random observations:

– Frank asking how everyone is doing and Bonnie telling him “Laurel’s fine.” Wow.

– Asher making references to two things that I adore: Game of Thrones and Veronica Mars. “I will go Red Wedding on anyone who rats out Annalise.” “What, like Veronica Mars?” I love that he knows who Veronica Mars is, hee.

– Oliver hacking into Annalise’s phone and saying “I hope there’s a Nate peen pic in here” and “Straight people are boring.” I don’t remember if it was him or Connor who said that second line. Nevertheless, it’s funny and true as hell.

– Frank saying “Did you just imply I’m stupid?”


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