“I don’t understand women with unpainted toenails”

Episode Title: Neighbors With Attitude
Original Air Date: February 15, 2017
Episode Number: 3×13

Episode Description:

Jessica is disappointed to learn she is excluded from the Neighborhood Watch. But when Ann’s son goes missing, Jessica proves that her independent security measures work. Meanwhile, Eddie sets the stage for the perfect first kiss with Alison.

My Review

Jessica’s uncanny ability to find Waldo had me laughing so much. She was really into that and of course it paid off in the end when she easily spotted Peter who was coincidentally wearing a Waldo shirt. Jessica firing Deidre and CJ after they appointed her leader of the Neighborhood Watch was classic Jessica. She’s right, though. They lost a kid during their watch.

I had a feeling it was Louis who stole that ceramic frog and of course the twist was that Jessica installed a security camera so he had to confess before he got found out. Still, it was sweet. “You got a child kidnapped? That is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for me.” Also sweet when Louis spent all that time coaching Jessica on how to be a team player.

Pretty bizarre with Marvin trying to eat his sandwiches out in the streets and then hiding them from Honey because she would just pop up out of nowhere, lol. Jessica makes a good point. Why couldn’t he just eat them at work?

Emery losing the bet against Grandma and being unable to find Grandma’s hidden money in the house was not a shock. We all know Grandma is slick so Emery should have suspected that it was that easy to locate the money. Lol at the twist in the end with Evan looking for the money that Emery found.

Eddie’s storyline was okay. Love that Trent is the third wheel for the second Valentine’s in a row.

And now a couple of my favorite lines:

“I don’t understand women with unpainted toenails.” – Evan

“Why can’t white people keep track of their kids? Every time we look at a milk carton, we have to see their failures.” – Jessica


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