“Choosing who lives or dies is your specialty”

Episode Title: The Four Horsemen
Original Air Date: February 15, 2017
Episode Number: 4×03

Episode Description

Jaha leads Clarke and Bellamy down a road to possible salvation while tensions rise in Arkadia and Polis.

My Review

Before I talk about that ending, I’m going to talk about my favorite moment of the episode. It was the scene with Octavia, Indra, and Gaia (Indra’s daughter!!!). Someone tell me that wasn’t the last we’ll see of Gaia. I didn’t know Indra even had a daughter who’s estranged and who followed the ways of the Flame Keeper instead of following in her mother’s warrior footsteps. Oh man, the possibilities are endless with this storyline. Can the writers please explore this further? And we have the added bonus of Octavia being Indra’s surrogate daughter and I would like to have her feelings explored, how she’s caught between Indra and Gaia’s conflict. So much goodness here!

Octavia lying to Roan about the Flame and Gaia is probably going to bite her in the ass, isn’t it? It’s a good plan for now and I hope that no one finds out that the Flame is gone or destroyed because otherwise, Roan and Skaikru are going to be royally screwed.

Poor Raven. She had a lot on her shoulders in this episode, being in charge of supplies and rationing and also in patching up the ship. Tough position to be in in letting Luna’s clan and that little girl die even though there’s a slight possibility that they could be saved if they would just take the pill. It’s too bad the pill didn’t help the girl anyway because they all died except Luna.

And we get that ending. DAMN. Now that’s a twist. So is Luna going to be a guinea pig now? Will Skaikru do what Mt. Weather did to the Grounders in harvesting their blood in order to save themselves? Oh, how the storyline has come full circle. Luna looks scared sitting in that chair and I feel sorry for her for what this means in saving everyone. She’s the only Nightblood left (unless Gaia knows any one else).

Jaha wasting everyone’s time, yet again. Just shut up and listen to the kids and do as they say.

So glad that Murphy and Emori are going back to Arkadia. Great character development with Murphy in this episode in stealing the pills to help that little girl. His dad died stealing medicine to make him better. Oh, Murphy, you have come so far.

I’m not a shipper and will never be a Bellarke shipper so I watched their last scene together with non-shipper glasses and I thought it was a good friendship scene. I didn’t see any romantic undertones. It was just Bellamy caring enough for Clarke to write her name on the list because he doesn’t want to be on the list if she’s not on it. He acknowledges that he’s better with her and that they work great as a team. That’s it.


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