“Don’t confuse emotion for weakness”

Episode Title: Adios Charleston, Hello James Beard
Original Air Date: February 9, 2017
Episode Number: 14×11

My Review

Really bummed about Brooke getting eliminated, but for the last few episodes, she hasn’t cooked her best and it’s unfortunate that that was the case in this episode. I want either her or Sheldon to win so I was happy that Sheldon (winning both Quickfire and Elimination Challenge, mind you) made it to the finals, but at the same time sad that Brooke got eliminated so close to the finale. There is still hope since LCK is down to her and Casey (love Casey, but I prefer Brooke over her). It would be pretty amusing if Brooke comes back from LCK and wins the whole thing just like Kristen did in their season.

Sheldon was a fucking beast in this episode. His dish in the Elimination Challenge blew away all the judges because they couldn’t even say anything after taking that first bite. They were THAT awed by the dish. Tom saying that Sheldon will be one of the best chefs in the country and Sheldon’s reaction to this was so adorably endearing. Sheldon representing for all the Filipinos, yay, kabayan!

Happy for Shirley, too. She has come on strong these last few episodes so she definitely deserves to be in the finale. I laughed so hard when Brooke was trying to tell her to quiet down a little bit during the Quickfire because Brooke couldn’t hear anything aside from Shirley’s voice, lol.

John….whatever. I mean, he’s there. Good for him. Not a big fan of him.

Really loved Gail in this episode (as per usual, really) especially when she told Brooke “Don’t confuse emotion for weakness. It’s okay.” Awwwwww. Also, she looked stunning. I have to say it every time she’s in an episode because it is fact.


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