“Unemployed virgin”

Episode Title: Sisters Without Subtext
Original Air Date: February 7, 2017
Episode Number: 3×12

Episode Description

Jessica is thrilled her sister Connie is taking the opportunity to go to college. But when she discovers that she wants to pursue an art degree, Jessica disagrees with Connie’s passion for art and does not see how it would add any value to her or her family. Meanwhile, Marvin and Honey take Eddie, Emery, and Evan with them to visit a retirement home.

My Review

Loved it. Jessica and her sister talking with subtext is one of the show’s best running gags so to have them focus on their relationship for most of the episode was great. It was really sweet how they made up in the end singing to each other and bringing Oprah and Gayle into it.

Louis’ advice was perfect. Definitely a different time for their parents who would frown about people having hobbies and doing things they would enjoy instead of focusing their time on their families and getting a real job. Him clearing out the garage and turning it into Jessica’s painting room was so sweet.

Jessica’s paintings and their titles cracked me up. My favorite was definitely “Unemployed Virgin” and a painting of the Virgin Mary, lol.

Oh, poor Honey. It was sweet of Marvin to think of her and not being left alone when he’s gone, but that wasn’t one of his better ideas. Honey is better off at their home and with their best friends (and their kids) right next door. It was pretty funny how she had to be on a wheelchair and the boys giving her things that are typically for the older generation.

My favorite bit was Evan muttering “kissass” under his breath and then turning around to make kissy faces/noises at Louis and then whipping his head back so fast. Hilarious.

Ending this review with this Jessica line: “Art school. Two nonsense words that don’t even belong together. It’s like tire lemon.”


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