“My body’s so jacked that it can’t digest an egg”

Episode Host/Musical Guest: Kristen Stewart/Alessia Cara
Original Air Date: February 4, 2017
Episode Number: 42×13

I really liked this episode and only decided to watch it because of the buzz surrounding Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer impersonation and that Totino’s ad. And having Alessia Cara as the musical guest was the icing on the cake. I like Kristen Stewart fine and I thought she did a great job here. The nerves showed a few times, but she didn’t let them get to her.

No doubt the standout skit was the Spicer one. Melissa will probably win an Emmy for that because it was EPIC. I have tried to avoid all things Spicer so I was shocked at how he has behaved during press briefings. Of course, I’ve come across tweets about his briefings, but I didn’t realize how bad they were with all the lies and misdirections. Granted, SNL is exaggerating it, but somehow, I think it’s closer to reality.

LOVED Kristen coming out (as if anyone had any doubts before). I cheered. Her dropping the F bomb was priceless because we got Kate’s awesome reaction out of it. And to wade in the shallow end of the pool for a moment, but hot damn, Kristen looked HOT as Gisele Bundchen. When she went up to the podium and I saw the dress she was wearing, my jaw literally dropped.

The Totino’s ad was hot as hell. Vanessa Bayer, you are one lucky lady. That’s all I have to say about that.

The Weekend Update was a mess, but there were some hilarious moments. I wasn’t a fan of them making fun of David Ortiz’s accent or his proclivity to eating. That was not cool.

Lastly, both of Alessia’s performances were outstanding. The girl can sing and I love that she doesn’t need to dress a certain way or come up with crazy theatrics for her performance. Just come out and sing and sing she did. Loved Scars To Your Beautiful and River of Tears. I hope she gains a lot of fans after this performance. Her CD is fantastic.


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