“Worse thing than a robot is a possessed one”

Episode Title: Hot Potato Soup
Original Air Date: January 31, 2017
Episode Number: 4×12

Episode Description

Agents Sam and Billy Koenig are hunted down to get at the Darkhold book, and only Coulson and the team can save them before the clock ticks out.

My Review

I’m so glad the team now knows that May is an LMD and I can’t wait for them to find her and kick Radcliffe and Aida’s collective asses. Unfortunately we had to be subjected to that Coulson and May kiss…no, no, no. The writers better not have the real May and Coulson hook up because their relationship was never romantic and shouldn’t be. Yes, they have a unique bond and relationship, but it’s always been platonic. They are fond of each other, but that fondness never bordered on romantic so for them to turn that on its head will be a huge disappointment for me.

Love the return of the Koenigs and their sister! Sam being awed by Agent Quake was quite endearing, lol. Their sister was pretty badass and it’s too bad she wasn’t introduced in earlier seasons. I couldn’t stop laughing when Sam told Daisy that she should Google Quake fan fiction and then backing off of that and telling her not to do it because they’re steamy and that she’s being shipped with Black Widow and their ship name is “Quack.” HILARIOUS.

Fitz’s manpain is so tired and cliche, but since I like him, I’ll just roll my eyes and move on. It’s sad that he’s been betrayed numerous times by his father, by Ward, and now by Radcliffe, but I hope this is the end of that storyline. Let him move on and accept that he’s a better man than all of those men combined and that it’s not worth dwelling in.

I’m not a FitzSimmons shipper, but when Fitz grabbed Jemma and kissed her and told her “You’re the best” – that made me smile.

The revelation that RadBot (tm Mack) has a brain was quite unexpected. If it wasn’t for the Darkhold, it wouldn’t have been possible. No wonder Radcliffe is highly obsessed with getting his hands on the book. Jemma figuring out that there’s another LMD out there and that it’s May was awesome. Quick thinking on her part.

Mack is the best. I loved his overprotectiveness when it comes to Fitz and Jemma. He was ready to kill RadBot so that it won’t play anymore mind games with Fitz and the team. Interesting conversation between the two of them before Fitz walked in, though.

Roan from The 100, hello! Is he the Superior? What’s his beef against Inhumans and Coulson? Is he just one of those people who yearns for the olden days and hates anything that has technology and people who are not real humans? He has to have a personal connection to SHIELD to have this much hatred against Inhumans, Coulson, and technology.


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