“It’s easier to die than get left behind”

Episode Title: Over A Barrel
Original Air Date: January 29, 2017
Episode Number: 5×13

Episode Description

A man takes hostages, including Joan, and threatens to execute them unless Holmes finds the person responsible for the death of his son. As Sherlock investigates, the captor gives him 16 hours to find the perpetrator before the statute of limitations on the crime runs out.

My Review

Great episode. I really liked how Sherlock and Marcus solved the case and how they found out by accident about the maple syrup smuggling operation. I also really liked Joan talking down Brunelle and even though she didn’t help with the case, I liked that she helped save Brunelle and the rest of those hostages by being her calm, smart, and reasonable self.

Lucy got me in that scene with Brunelle when she saved his life and pleaded with him to put the gun down. Lucy doesn’t get to do that much emotional acting on the show so it was pretty great to see this side of her acting range. On a shallow note, how hot did Joan look wearing that suit and tie? I’m really loving Joan’s wardrobe especially the masculine ones. Thumbs up from me.

Marcus and Sherlock teaming up is always fun because Sherlock always gets Marcus to do shady things with him. Marcus’ reaction when Sherlock gave that excuse about going into the warehouse illegally…I laughed. Also loved Marcus’ reaction when Sherlock told him about the drone surveillance videos and how he got them. Hee.

The scene with Sherlock figuring it all out and presenting his case to Marcus was really effective and so tense. Great job by Johnny.

Gregson comforting Joan was such a sweet scene. I’ve always liked their relationship and how genuine their friendship is.

Did Johnny really shave his head for that scene? Sherlock saying “Partners in everything, Watson” when Joan asked him why she had to be the one to shave his head got me. Oh, you two. Best non-romantic friendship ever.


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