“We’re all going to die”

Episode Title: Echoes
Original Air Date: February 1, 2017
Episode Number: 4×01

Episode Description

Clarke and her friends struggle with how to proceed after the fate of the world is revealed.

My Review

Alright, it was a good enough premiere. Definitely feels a lot different, excitement-wise, compared to last season’s premiere and of course we can attribute this to the lack of Lexa. I thought it was lame how they didn’t even show her in the previouslies and I actually thought they were going to figure out a way not to mention her name so I’m glad they didn’t completely erase her from the history of the show.

Echo is not going to last until the end of the season. I just have a feeling. Either Roan will kill her for possibly betraying him or Octavia does because the girl is on a killing spree right now with no fucks to give. Echo was getting on my last nerves with her wanting to kill Skaikru and have Azgeda become the ruler of all the clans. It’s good that Roan woke up at the right time to save Clarke because Echo was ready to strike her down with her sword.

Jasper almost committing suicide…the show doesn’t have the balls to do it and this is twice now that they didn’t go through with his suicide (the first time was of course the end of last season where they decided to cut that scene at the last minute). They’re never going back to this plotline because there’s no point if they’re all going to die in six months anyway.

Monty and Harper sexing it up: good for them! Might as well get their kicks in while they still can. I laughed at Raven barging into their room (again) and telling them to go back to the engineering room to help her. Raven the cockblock, lol.

Speaking of Raven, her first appearance in the episode brought a smile to my face. I just love her. I loved her not stopping to work just because they successfully defeated ALIE and then working on the radio to find out what’s happening in Polis. I smiled when she asked if Clarke is okay. My Princess Mechanic ship is alive and well. Felt so sad for her when she winced in pain. I’m not going to be able to take seeing her in pain every episode.

Octavia slaying those Azgeda guards was pretty freaking badass, but this is just the start of her going kill-happy. It was great seeing her come to Indra’s side after Indra was taken off the cross. I really hope that it’s Indra who’ll get through to Octavia, that killing and revenge is not the solution and that this is not what Lincoln would want.

The Indra/Kane hug was perfect. I look forward to seeing more of them and their friendship growing.

Lastly, Clarke. My poor baby. Her scene with Abby and Clarke saying that she loved Lexa and Abby saying “I know.” So good. It’s too bad that’s probably all the grieving we’re going to get from Clarke. Of course it didn’t even last a minute before they got interrupted. Meh. The other Clarke scene that I loved was her scene with Roan where she gave him the Flame. Eliza killed that scene. I started tearing up when I saw the tears falling down her face. SO GOOD.


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