“What if you can’t history your way out of it?”

Episode Title: Karma Chameleon
Original Air Date: January 30, 2017
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

Wyatt convinces Rufus to steal the Lifeboat for an unauthorized mission to prevent Wyatt’s wife’s killer from ever being born. Lucy must cover for them in the present, as Agent Christopher discovers the ship is missing and Anthony Bruhl makes an alarming confession.

My Review

Oh my God, that was such a great episode. I haven’t really been a Wyatt fan, but he has grown on me within these past few episodes. His desperation led to an innocent man’s death and now he’s going to have to live with this. I’m pretty sure Flynn lied when he told him who killed Jessica and of course the killer lied because he probably just wants Wyatt to leave him alone and told him anything so he can leave. OR! Maybe Rufus is right in that no matter what Wyatt does in the past, it still wouldn’t change things in the present because it’s fate. I like my first theory better though.

It was so devastating to see the reactions of Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus when nothing changed with Jessica and that she’s still dead. My heart broke for all three of them. All of that and it was for naught. It was pretty funny in the beginning to see Wyatt fail spectacularly at keeping the killer’s parents apart and how the stewardess, the cop, and the drunk guy came back to keep his plan from succeeding.

Poor Anthony. He didn’t deserve to die for only doing the right thing. If Flynn wants to take down Rittenhouse, why wouldn’t he want to blow up the Mothership? Is it because he wants to rid of them even before they start? How far back is he going to go back? And there’s no reassurance that he will succeed so why give RIttenhouse an opportunity to steal the Mothership, go back in time, and rewrite history by erasing all the good things that the “outliers and the rebels” have done to make the world a better place?

I really liked the team up of Lucy and Agent Christopher. Agent Christopher wanting to help Lucy blow up the Lifeboat was a surprise, but I think she definitely sees the benefit of this unlike Flynn. Besides, I think she’s tired of Mason’s bullshit and constant lies. I loved her last scene with Mason and how she said “Now, please, respectfully, get the hell out.” Heee.

Jiya’s talk with Lucy was sweet, but I rolled my eyes because the show is telegraphing that Lucy and Wyatt will be a couple eventually. Jiya saying how Rufus didn’t tell her about stealing the Lifeboat and that’s something that you tell someone you love…and then Jiya asking how Lucy found out and she reveals that Wyatt told her. Yeah, no. Please, show, do not put Lucy and Wyatt together. Their relationship right now is a lot more interesting without the romance angle. If they do end up together, I hope it doesn’t happen until the very last episode.

The last scene with Lucy’s dad telling her she’s a part of Rittenhouse and that it’s in her blood was something that I suspected when it was revealed that he works for Rittenhouse. Lucy must have been internally screaming when she heard this because I sure was. How the fuck is she going to tell the rest of the team about this? Is she even going to tell them about her conversation with her dad?

The show keeps getting better. So glad I stuck with it.


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