“This is copyright infringement, asshat”

Episode Title: We Can Be Heroes
Original Air Date: January 30, 2017
Episode Number: 2×10

Episode Description

After Livewire seemingly breaks out of prison, Supergirl is intent on recapturing her. After training Mon-El, Supergirl takes him with her when she sees Livewire attack the NCPD but things go awry when Mon-El puts Supergirl before the citizens of National City. Meanwhile, James decides to come clean with Kara and M’Gann, has a psychic attack, and collapses into a coma.

My Review

Was not a fan of this episode because it put the focus more on the Guardian nonsense and the Mon-El nonsense. For a show that’s called Supergirl, the writers love putting Kara in the background and using her to prop the storylines of two of the male characters. Yes, I know the haters and comic purists will come at me with pitchforks for this comment, but whatever. This is what’s called having an opinion. Just like assholes, we all have them.


I’m going to ignore that nonsense and say this: I’m glad Kara said she won’t support James (and Winn) going out there and putting themselves in danger. No matter how careful they are, they are going to end up hurt eventually. Here’s hoping that Kara will never be okay with their vigilante-ing.

Best part of the episode was J’onn asking Alex and Kara to stay with him while he performs the mind-meld ritual with M’Gann. It seems inevitable that he and M’Gann will end up together, but I want the writers (for once) to subvert that and just have them be genuinely platonic friends.

Maggie and Alex continue to be adorable together. Their last scene with Alex saying vegan ice cream is “gross” had me laughing. Curious now how that tastes like and if it tastes anything like ice cream.

Livewire was the best. I loved all of her bon mots and especially the one where she called out the guys for playing dress up: “Little boys who think they could do a better job than the actual superhero.” Ain’t that the fucking truth. I also laughed at “This is copyright infringement, asshat” and “Your cosplay sucks” (the latter she says to Mon-El).


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