“We are accountable to our shareholders”

Episode Title: Burning Platform
Original Air Date: January 25, 2017
Episode Number: 1×09

Episode Description

Ben’s ongoing investigation leads to a shock; Laura’s patient reveals sobering facts about life outside the wall; Elizabeth and Julian finally enact their bold plan.

My Review

The first part of the two-part finale was pretty suspenseful and it definitely ratcheted up the tension for all the characters.

Ben trying to figure out who he is and Theo helping was a good plot and even though I’m sad that he stuck that thing on the back of his neck so he can retain his memories (sucks for Laura), I’m kinda glad he did. I’m going to miss “real Ben”, though. Him being promoted was to be expected, but, man, that test he had to pass was freaking brutal. Simulating having Laura killed just so he can keep Spiga’s secrets, daaaamn. He figured out it was a test so kudos to him for not breaking. I do wonder what Elizabeth would have done if Ben failed that test.

Elizabeth ordering the kill strike on her top extraction team and killing them and Dr. Maraj and destroying all his research just so the Inazagi doesn’t get the upper hand on Spiga left me speechless. The woman is brutal. Everything in this world really is up to the corporations and the little people are just nothing but pawns, if even. Elizabeth is only worried about the company and its stock and how her position will be safe so long as she keeps the shareholders happy.

Julian sees the light and is now working with Gates. Didn’t see this coming. I’m sure he’ll come back around to support Elizabeth because Gates seems like he’ll be an even worse leader than Elizabeth. He is going to regret turning his back on her.

Elizabeth finally telling Laura what really happened to her dad, that he defected and she let him get killed because otherwise, Laura and her would have been thrown out of the Green Zone. I half-believe her when she said she only did it to protect Laura. Half of me is thinking that Laura would have been okay and that it’s Elizabeth who wouldn’t have been able to survive if she had to leave the Green Zone and live in poverty.

Theo going to the fighter’s ash ceremony was pretty ballsy. I was expecting a riot to break out so I’m glad the show didn’t go there and went the other way with the fighter’s sister forgiving Theo and inviting him to join them. Theo was going to run away before Terrence saw him at his apartment, right? Theo is going to have to go to the Green Zone to fight and I wonder if Elena’s going to see him.

I really liked the scene where Laura confides in Ben about her clinic and if she’s really helping people. Yes, she’s saving lives, but what kind of life are they going back to? Reality hit her in the face when that patient who looks like a little boy (but who’s really 19 thanks to an implant that suppresses him from growing up) told her that he wants the implant back because this is his way of living and is how he’s supporting himself. Of course Elizabeth threatens to close the clinic if Laura doesn’t do it first because she’s endangering herself and she’s endangering Spiga. It always leads back to Spiga with Elizabeth, doesn’t it?


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