“The only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting it”

Episode Title: Golden Parachute
Original Air Date: January 25, 2017
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

Ben’s mission reaches a critical juncture; Laura finds the thief; Theo ventures inside the wall; Elizabeth and Laura reckon with the fate of the clinic; Julian tracks a killer.

My Review

That was mighty impressive. I actually yelled out a curse word when I realized that the episode was ending because I was expecting more and didn’t want it to end. Kudos to the cast and crew for this show. This has been quite a promising and surprisingly great show. It started out okay and then it got better as each episode aired. The biggest surprise was how much I’ve gotten to like Ben now and the actor playing him. Sean Teale is still wooden in some scenes, but he’s impressed me as the season went on. I didn’t know he had it in him.

Ben saving Hendrick and Hazel and getting them out of Spiga’s clutches was not really a surprise. I was thinking Ben would do exactly that when Hendrick told him that this is the end of the line for him. I wonder if Ben would have done it if Elena rebuffed him and told him that that part of their lives are long gone. Season two (hoping there is going to be a season two) is going to be interesting with the both of them working together to defect.

It seems like there’s a group of anti-suits that Elena is working with judging from her conversation with the maid at Arcadia. I wonder how big this group is and who else is in it.

Theo selling out Ben was not something I expected. That was fucked up. But then again, he doesn’t know that Ben now has his Aaron memories back and is helping his sister get out from Spiga’s thumb. Theo, what have you done? Maybe this will be the way for Terrence to get off Theo’s back. I’m sure Ben will figure out a way to kill Terrence before Terrence has a chance to blackmail him.

So Theo death wish didn’t come true. I thought his conversation with Bowie’s sister was pretty sage: “The only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting it because once you get it, the hunger doesn’t go away.” Too true.

Laura is pregnant. Yikes, that’s not good news at all. She didn’t even look thrilled when the monitor congratulated her. Maybe she’s thinking this is not the best time to be pregnant now that her clinic is thriving and she feels that her life has purpose now that she’s helping people.

Who else cheered and clapped when Laura told Elizabeth to fuck off? I DID! I fucking loved that scene. “And if I catch any of your men sniffing around the place, I’ll have them shot. Just so we’re clear.” HAAAAA! Laura letting one of Goran’s men cut off the thief’s hand was brutal, but Goran is right. The only way that this doesn’t happen is for her not to show any sign of weakness. Damn.

Please renew the show, SyFy. You have a gem on your hands here.


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