“I’m amazed by the amount of words coming out of her mouth”

Episode Title: For the Kids
Original Air Date: January 26, 2017
Episode Number: 14×9

Episode Description

A blindfolded taste experiment tests the chefs. Later, the chefs draw inspiration from their own childhood memories to create meals for a charity gala for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. Appearing: Michael Voltaggio and Graham Elliot.

My Review

I really liked this episode because there was no nastiness from the chefs and this is mostly due to Katsuji being gone. They all just cooked their hearts out and the majority of them did their best dishes (Sylva, Sheldon, and Brooke). I would be happy if this were our top three for this season and with Brooke coming out on top. I’ve totally forgotten that Sheldon and Brooke were both on the same season and were both finalists only to lose out to Kristen.

I was expecting Sheldon to be announced the winner of the Elimination Challenge so I was really surprised when Sylva was announced the winner instead. I just thought the judges preferred Sheldon’s dish over Sylva’s based solely on their comments. Good on Sylva for the win, though. That must have been one tasty dish since a lot of people went back for seconds. Also, how cute did Sheldon look when Padma praised his dish? He looked so proud.

I would have loved to have tasted Sheldon’s unique dish (but without the fish) and also Brooke’s crepes. If I’m ever near Brooke’s restaurant, I will make it a point to stop by and taste her food. She’s one of my favorite Top Chef contestants and I’m really rooting for her to win it all this season. She fucking slayed that tasting competition! She got 16 out of 20 foods identified correctly, damn! She even beat Michael Voltaggio who only got 11 correct. I loved her comment about the best part of winning was not the 40 cases of wine, but that she beat Michael, haha.

The tasting during the Quickfire was a lot of fun and I loved seeing Padma’s facial reactions when John was just blurting out random stuff and when Emily kept on saying “pass.” LOL. Michael, who’s always serious, even cracked a smile. Really great to see him back on the show, btw. He still looks great.

Bye, Emily. The right chef went home. She didn’t really elevate that cake at all and it didn’t taste that good so there you go. Her time finally ran out.


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