“That might get you votes, but God forbid it makes you know what you’re doing.”

Episode Title: The Man in the Basement
Original Air Date: January 22, 2017
Episode Number: 6×02

Episode Description

Carrie and Reda fight for their client while Quinn fights against his new life. Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.

My Review

I definitely did not expect Carrie to be advising the president-elect. In fact, I laughed when Saul asked her if she was because it just seemed absurd and of course, they turned it around and really have her advising her. WHAT THE WHAT?! How is Carrie involved with Keane and how did she get such a high position in her administration? Granted, she probably doesn’t really work for her, she’s just an adviser, but if Keane is going to take Carrie’s advice when it comes to international relations, Carrie must be more than just a former CIA employee. I look forward to seeing more of their dynamic and how soon before Dar and Saul figure out that Carrie lied to them.

Pretty admirable that both of them suspected right away that Keane is not making decisions on her own, that she has someone advising her, and that they recognize Carrie’s “voice” in trying to limit the CIA’s reach (I’m assuming). Carrie advising Keane to send Saul to Abu Dhabi as her man on the ground is going to raise a red flag with Saul and will probably confirm for him that Carrie is the one advising Keane. Circling back to Carrie’s scene with Saul, I wanted to smack Saul for threatening Carrie when she denied that she’s not the one advising Keane. Great job on Carrie’s part acting all offended. She got me!

Can we please hurry up with Quinn’s recovery? It was painful seeing him like that and I’m just not interested in seeing him suffer. I was glad to see Max, though. He’s always a welcome presence on the show and he babysat Quinn and helped Carrie identify who Saad really is.

I did not expect Saad turning out to be Saad an FBI informant. Surely Carrie and the lawyer can use this information against Conlin, that he was blackmailing Saad to set up an innocent man (Sekou) just so he (Conlin) can do what exactly? Meet his quota? What is his MO?

The scene with Dar and Keane’s staff member (maybe Chief of Staff?) made me dislike Dar especially when he said the following line of dialogue: “A mother of a son killed in action. That’s her CV. That might get you votes, but God forbid it makes you know what you’re doing.” Tell that to the current real-life (unfortunately) president sitting his unqualified white ass in the Oval Office. I would bet good money that this fictional POTUS-elect is more qualified than Crumpet.

The last scene with Carrie and Quinn was pretty sad when she showed him what happened to him, why he is the way he is now. That was rough. Quinn asking Carrie why she saved him kinda broke my heart (I’m not a shipper) because from the tone of his voice, he feels that she should have let him die because he doesn’t want to live like this. Poor Carrie being unable to give him an answer. She probably feels so many things for him that she’s left speechless and overwhelmed by the question at that moment.


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