“I got a hot minute for some yogurt”

Episode Title: Three Sentences
Original Air Date: January 24, 2017
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

Jack and Rebecca get in over their heads when they decide to throw Kate, Kevin and Randall three separate parties for their 10th birthday. Randall struggles to make time for William as things intensify at the office. Kevin makes a major decision in his romantic life. Kate’s gastric bypass journey takes an unexpected turn.

My Review

The streak lives on. The last scene with the kids as teenagers at Jack’s funeral had tearing up. I wasn’t ready for that so, fuck you, show. I’m going to be a complete and utter mess when we finally find out how Jack dies, I just know it. Stocking up on tissues now.

So sweet how Jack and Rebecca throwing three different parties for their kids. Just thinking about it is exhausting me so kudos to them for pulling that off. I loved that the family still celebrated their birthday traditions of playing pin the donkey and getting the banner out.

Randall being realistic and knowing that no one from his class would show up to his party and being okay with it…such a good and levelheaded kid. He makes his parents proud. Grown-up Randall spending his day with William and teaching him how to driver was so sweet. I just hope he’ll still be able to bang out that report so he ends up getting the Alberta account.

I hope Kate’s time in camp will help her address the emotional issues she has with her weight and not just the physical aspect of her weight. I’m not a fan of that guy at camp hitting on her, though. It was cute at first, but their last scene just set off an alarm in my head. This is the guy that just doesn’t stop even after being told no multiple times and who won’t take no for an answer. I hope Kate tells the other staff about him (does he work there? I saw that he had a name tag) and him sexually harassing her. No woman should have to go through that.

Well, way to throw a curveball at us, show. Kevin didn’t end up choosing Sloane or Olivia. He went to his ex-wife’s place to talk to her and to possibly rekindle that relationship. He considers her the love of his life. I’m bummed that we probably won’t get to see Sloane anymore, but Sophie seems okay so far. Apparently she was Kate’s best friend growing up and her and Kevin are sweethearts from when they were as young as 10 years old. Isn’t Sophie the same girl who bullied Kate during that swimming pool episode by writing her a note that they don’t want to hang out with her anymore? If it’s the same person, then that’s a strike against her. But if she’s gotten better about her treatment of Kate as they got older, then that’s a different story.

I wanted more Beth. Can we get more Beth next episode? Loved her scene in the beginning eating her yogurt and being amused by William’s good mood. “I got a hot minute for some yogurt.”

Kevin describing Sloane’s wrath to Kate over the phone cracked me up: “I can feel Sloane’s wrath. It actually has heat on it. Her wrath is making me sweat.” Hee.


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