“The glasses don’t help”

Episode Title: Supergirl Lives
Original Air Date: January 23, 2017
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

While searching for a missing woman, Supergirl and Mon-El end up on another planet where Roulette leads a slave trafficking ring.

My Review

Welcome back, Supergirl! It’s cool to see Kevin Smith being the director for this episode. I don’t think there was any difference between the regular directors, but it’s cool he was interested enough to direct an episode of Supergirl.

Let me start off with the parts I disliked and work my way up to the parts that I did like.

The writers forcing a relationship with Mon-El and Kara has ruined his character for me. If that episode where he kisses Kara didn’t happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing their friendship evolve into something more. I wouldn’t object too much in him becoming a love interest if it happened organically, but since the writers had to hammer the point home, I’m opposed to them getting together.

I also hate the fact that Kara now has to play the supporting character to a fucking character who’s supposed to be the supporting character for the main character. How is this right? Now we have to devote time to Mon-El being revealed as the prince of Daxam (because we all know he’s lying about just being a lowly soldier) while these aliens are after him. In the meantime, Kara is shoved even further back to the sidelines in her own show.

I was really getting annoyed by James when he didn’t feel concerned and didn’t listen to Winn being afraid of being out in the field. I liked the end with the two of them reconciling and Winn being an adorable nerd. I find that I can tolerate James when he’s not playing dress up as the Guardian, when he’s not making googly eyes at Kara (thankfully this hasn’t happened in a long time, keep it up show), and when he’s sharing scenes with Winn. I like their friendship.

Was not too fond of the opening scene with the car chase. I’ve seen many an Arrow episode that start off like this and for a second, I actually thought I was watching an Arrow episode. Please, no more scenes like this. Leave that for Arrow.

Now on to the parts that I liked.

Winn was made of win (pun not entirely intended) this episode. He has come a long way from being annoying in the first half of season one and turning into my fourth favorite character on the show. I couldn’t stop laughing at him talking about being a red shirt and then celebrating and saying “I’m not the red shirt! You’re the red shirt!” when he beat that alien. Too funny.

I also continue to really like the Alex/Winn relationship and how they have this big sister/little brother-type of relationship. It warmed my heart when Alex went to talk to him to calm him down to get him to go with her to the other planet. Also, how cool did he look wearing DEO gear?

Kara’s willingness to stand up for what’s right and to always do what’s right is quite admirable. We need more people like her.

How adorable were Chyler and Melissa in this episode especially when Alex and Kara were talking about Maggie? I couldn’t handle the cuteness. Their scene in the DEO after Maggie spent the night at Alex’s place, Alex and Kara’s interaction felt more like Chyler and Melissa interacting and it was beyond ADORABLE. Maybe there was a moment that they both broke character because I could have sworn they did. Too cute!

Alex being so hard on herself and not allowing herself a modicum of happiness when she realized that Kara got stuck on a planet without any powers made me so sad. Alex is exactly that type of person who’s more than willing to put her happiness aside in order to protect and keep another person’s happiness first. It’s admirable, truly, but I’m just glad that Maggie gave her another chance. She needs to stop running away from Maggie every time there’s trouble because I don’t want Maggie to get tired of the back and forth and say sayonara.

I’m glad Maggie figured it out that Kara is Supergirl because that’s the only reason Alex would be so stressed out over Supergirl disappearing. The girl is a smart cookie. I laughed when she said “The glasses don’t help.” LOL.

A good start to the year; just hope Mon-El disappears soon and doesn’t become a regular. Don’t want to see Kara getting sidelined in her own show.


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