“You cannot cook with hate in your heart”

Episode Title: Restaurant Wars
Original Air Date: January 19, 2017
Episode Number: 14×8

Episode Description

The iconic Restaurant Wars challenge features the chefs dividing into teams to design a restaurant and create a cohesive menu, but the heat is on when egos collide and tempers flare. Appearing: chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara.

My Review

Let me get the good out of the way first: the Red Team composed of Shirley, Brooke, Silva, and Emily won and they kicked the Blue Team’s ass and the competition wasn’t even close. Shirley being the EC was awesome and she really made that team work cohesively and everyone knew what they had to do. She was a great expediter, too.

Brooke slayed being the front of the house and her dish was also a hit. She’s smart to have a dish that didn’t need to be cooked in order to minimize the chances that it will get messed up during service. I’m thrilled she won the challenge because she has been floundering for the past few episodes. So happy for her.

Good on Emily for redeeming herself with her dessert. I hated how the whole team was picked with her getting picked last. I bet Katsuji regrets having picked John for his team now.

On to the bad…man, when the Red Team first stood up in front of the judges, I was on Katsuji’s side in that John really messed up big time with the expediting and not doing much in the kitchen. All of this changed when we saw Katsuji fucking acting like a childish prick and needling John to make him lose his temper. Credit to John for keeping his cool despite Katsuji’s asshole-ishness. I wanted to slap Katsuji so hard when he did his golf clap. Such a douche.

Poor Sheldon getting stuck in the kitchen with these two and having to mediate between them. His food suffered for it and his quote “You cannot cook with hate in your heart, your food is gonna suffer for it” came to fruition. I mean, not that he cooked with hate in his heart, but it must have been stressful to have to cook while everything is falling apart and having your co-workers at each other’s throats.

And poor Casey also leaving her front of the house duties to help out in the kitchen. It’s a good thing the judges forgave her for that because if she didn’t help out, service would have suffered even more.

I’m glad Katsuji is gone. For a second there, I thought they were going to eliminate John so I did a little cheer when it was Katsuji instead. Goodbye, jerk. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out and please never come back to Top Chef ever again. Him bullying Emily in the beginning of the episode was the lowest of the low. Emily was already feeling guilty about still being there and he goes and makes her feel even worse. What a standup guy. Not!

Lastly, how gorgeous did Gail look in the second night of Restaurant Wars? I loved that dress and the hair.


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