“This is going to sting”

Episode Title: Operational Realignment
Original Air Date: January 18, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

After his plan misfires, Ben’s backup plan risks his life and Elena’s rescue; Laura bypasses company policy to save a cardiac patient; Julian accepts Ben’s help on a murder investigation.

My Review

Well, that was an intense episode. I was actually invested in Ben’s situation here and was rooting for him to get his memories back. Hendrick is an ass and I can’t wait for Ben to do something to him (although he probably won’t and can’t since he would still need Hendrick’s help down the line) for not immediately bringing Aaron back. I do have a feeling that Ben sleeping with Laura will get her pregnant and he’s going to regret this when he finds out and he’ll be tortured as hell, being torn between two lives. What a mess.

Ben unknowingly implicating himself by helping Julian, omg. I was holding my breath until the very last second of the episode. How is he going to lie his way out of what he saw on his 3D rendering simulation? Now that Julian’s not suspecting him, Julian is going to go back to suspecting him again once Ben backs off with helping him. Again, what a mess.

I’m not into seeing Theo being an addict and I want him to beat his addiction and to get out of the clutches of his boss. Poor kid.

Laura saving that kid’s life by being a total badass and resetting the heart regulator herself with her former maid’s help was pretty cool. She tells Ben she’s going to quit her job because running the clinic is more fulfilling for her and Ben has her full support. Let’s wait and see what her mom’s reaction will be.

So Julian and Goran know each other? All of a sudden I’m intrigued by their relationship and how Goran ended up in the Red Zone while Julian ended up in the Green Zone. I can’t wait to find out Julian’s reaction when he learns that Laura is the one running the clinic Goran is funding.


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