“Walking is dumb”

Episode Title: Mindy St. Claire
Original Air Date: 1×12
Episode Number: January 19, 2017

Episode Description

With the help of Chidi and Tahani, Michael faces his biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Eleanor, Jianyu and Janet face a monumental decision.

My Review

I appreciate the show for giving us a little bit more insight into Eleanor and why she is the way she is. Her parents were horrible and they didn’t even bat an eye when Eleanor handed them emancipation papers to sign. However, she turned out alright in the afterlife because she was willing to go back just so Tahani and Chidi don’t get sent to the Bad Place. That really warmed my heart. She truly cares for them and unlike her attitude on Earth, she has opened herself to them and really gotten to know them and they have gotten to know her as well.

Mindy St. Claire in the Medium Place was a hoot. Jason and Eleanor covering their eyes when they came upon a naked Mindy gardening was already funny and then we see Janet just staring at Mindy with a smile on her face, lol. Mindy seemed like the worst, kinda like an even worse version of Eleanor.

One of my favorite lines was this exchange between Tahani and Chidi:

“I’m going to miss these little perks when I’m down in the Bad Place, being forced to wear a knock-off handbag and drink tap water.”
“That’s what you think hell is?!”

Other random observations:

– I thought it was cool when we saw Tahani on the cover of one of the magazines when Eleanor was on the checkout line at the grocery store.

– Neighborhood N/A was the name of the train stop when they got to the Medium Place.

– Janet: “Walking is dumb.”

– Everyone talking in an emotionless tone when talking about Eleanor was the weirdest thing until I remembered that Shawn hides in a cocoon when someone starts talking with emotion in their voice.

– I thought it was so cute when Eleanor put pictures of Tahani/Jason and Chidi at Mindy’s place.

– Jason and Janet trying to figure out how to have sex…I’m just glad we didn’t have to see that, lol. The illustrations were interesting. I want someone to make a post about that so we can all study them…for science.

– It was pretty bizarre seeing Michael dressed up as a male Janet.


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