“Fair Game”

Episode Title: Fair Game
Original Air Date: January 15, 2017
Episode Number: 6×01

Episode Description

Carrie returns home to the US with Franny to work as an advocate for Muslim Americans. Dar and Saul brief President-elect Keane. Quinn struggles with his new circumstances.

My review

I’m going to get my biggest gripe about the episode out of the way first. I’m not at all interested in watching Quinn suffer through his PTSD and have him be paranoid for the entire episode. I just think it’s a waste to use the character this way. I’m not saying that the show shouldn’t address PTSD because it definitely needs more attention, but I don’t want to see it on this show. We already went through this with Brody and we don’t need to rehash that again. Rupert is doing an excellent job with his portrayal of Quinn, but I rolled my eyes at all of his scenes in this episode. They were too numerous and dragged on for what seemed like forever. We get the point, he’s helpless. Let’s move on.

I fear for Carrie and Franny because having Quinn live with them is not a good idea. He’s volatile, unpredictable, could be violent…and who knows what else he’ll do when he’s under medication? Yes, Carrie felt sorry for him and finally heard Quinn’s plea about not wanting to stay in the hospital, but is this really the best alternative? She is putting herself and her daughter’s life in danger. This is not the same Quinn that she knows and she should be smarter than this.

Not much really happened in the episode except for it to set up the storylines for this season. Dar is scheming behind everyone’s backs again including Saul and the President-elect. This is going to bite him in the ass, right? Then again, he’s survived much worse so maybe I should be concerned for those who are for pulling out military support out of the Middle East. If those season previews are to be believed, I really hope he’s not scheming to have the President-elect assassinated before she even takes office.

Carrie starting up a non-profit (I’m assuming) legal aid organization to help those who are wrongly accused is a noble cause, but I feel like she’ll end up somehow working with the CIA again. Interesting that we learned that her and Otto did have a relationship during the three months after Berlin. I like Otto and he and Carrie have good chemistry so I was kind of disappointed when he said that he met someone.

I like the President-elect already, but that’s mostly because of two things:

1) The actress’ name is FUCKING AMAZING – Elizabeth Marvel. I mean, that is one HELL of a name, no? It’s strong, demands respect, and just has this air of confidence about it.

2) The actress played a presidential candidate on House of Cards whose campaign was sabotaged by the Underwoods, but I guess it didn’t matter because she won the election in Homeland’s universe!

Should be interesting to see the relationship between her, Dar, and Saul and how they’ll navigate the topic of Israel, the Middle East, and the military around each other. I laughed so hard at Saul and Dar’s reaction when she opined that not every Middle East crisis requires a military solution. They were speechless and looked like they were thinking she was out of her mind for even suggesting such a thing.

Sekou’s storyline is a tough one. He’s definitely in a tough position because no matter what he says, all evidence points to him planning something and it doesn’t look good for him. Carrie and the lawyer have a pretty difficult and steep hill to climb to prove his innocence so all the luck to them.

Lastly, I love that this season was shot in New York because it’s always fun for me to play if I can recognize where they shot a certain scene. If they really shot the scene with Carrie taking Quinn back to the hospital outside of the VA in Manhattan in 23rd St., I work several blocks from there!


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