Top TV of 2016

I failed at using this  blog more since I didn’t end up writing anything on here throughout this fall TV season. I will try to post more in 2017. But in the meantime, here is my top TV list for 2016.

Top returning shows

I don’t think anyone else has this show as their number one so this is me being unpredictable. I don’t care what anyone says: this show is the most underrated show on TV and has the most underrated male and female leads in Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. Both have been so consistently fantastic  every season and season four was perhaps their best work yet.

No one expected Norma to be killed off while this show was still on the air so I was as shocked as the viewers of this show when Norman lost it and killed his mom. This is not even the craziest thing. After she was buried, he dug up her body and dragged it back to their house and pretended to act like she’s not dead.

Lord knows what the next and last season is going to bring. All we know is that it’s going to be even crazier than previous seasons and Freddie and Vera will hopefully get the recognition that they (and the show) so deserve.

This is a pretty predictable pick, but I don’t care because last season was one of the show’s best seasons yet. Of course they deviated from the books now that there’s no more book stories to mine, but I think this was a blessing in disguise.

Two events happened that were quite memorable: Cersei going full-on “No fucks given” mode by lighting up everyone on fire at King’s Landing and killing the entire Tyrell line (save for Olenna). Let me shed a tear for Margaery. She is going to be missed.

The other event was of course the amazing spectacular that was the Battle of the Bastards episode. It was a cinematic feat and kudos to everyone involved in this episode because it must have been a logistical nightmare to film all those battle scenes. I’m becoming breathless just thinking about that scene where Jon Snow is almost buried underneath a pile of dead bodies. That felt terrifyingly real.

This continues to be the funniest show on TV and you’re guaranteed to literally laugh your ass off every minute. The episode where a bunch of international delegates mistook Selina making out with her daughter had me in stitches for days. That was soooooo wrong yet so fucking hilarious. And I’ll say this again: the show and Julia Louis-Dreyfus deserve all the accolades they get year in and year out. Please stop complaining that this is hogging all the awards if you haven’t seen an episode.

I’m not over the last episode yet! I’m not over Root being killed and the Machine choosing her voice! I’m not over Reese sacrificing himself to save Finch and to protect the people! I’m not over that Shaw episode where we see the simulations and the horrors she had to go through! I’m not over this show being over!

This was definitely the most improved show on my list and this is mostly due to the cast’s chemistry and how all the characters work. I used to dislike Major, but I don’t know what they did, but I really liked him in the second season. The plot got convoluted for a bit, but that’s standard for a Rob Thomas production. I’m so glad that Clive is now in on the secret and that the whole gang can work together to combat the zombie apocalypse plaguing Seattle. I’m definitely going to miss Dale, though. Wish she would come back.

This show had my favorite cameo of 2016: Rob Thomas (the singer) guest starring as himself and getting killed by zombies. The two Rob Thomas’ finally meeting and working together. How can you not fucking love that?!

Honorable mentions:
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Top new shows

The best new show of 2016. The entire cast (this includes the young kids) is pure magic and if you don’t end up crying every episode, then your heart is made of stone.

Probably the most confusing show I watched this year, but for some reason, I still enjoyed it. The last episode definitely paid off big time for the loyal viewers. I kinda wish I didn’t read message boards discussing each episode because a lot of people correctly theorized that the show was showing us two different timelines and that Bernard was a host.

The best new comedy of 2016. You can’t go wrong with Kristen Bell. Eleanor’s relationships with Chidi and Michael and Tahani make me smile. The show is definitely absurd at times, but remains downright hilarious. Also: Janet! The best TV android of 2016! Suck it, Aida (from Agents of SHIELD)!

This show could have been better, imo. More focus on Ginny and less focus on Mike. Going in, I thought this was a show about Ginny and that everyone else is a supporting character so I was disappointed that Mike is also a lead character. Nevertheless, the show is on my list because Ginny Baker is someone that girls can aspire to be when they grow up. The first female MLB player. That is not a minor accomplishment. Here’s hoping the show gets renewed and if it does, I want two things: 1) for Ginny to have more friends her age and for the show to shift the focus on her and 2) for there to be no romance between Ginny and Mike. A male and female colleague can be friends without it turning romantic. (See: Elementary, Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes.)

How could I not include this show? It was a phenomenon like no other and blew up during the summer and rightfully so. The nostalgia was deep in this one and I think that’s why it resonated with a lot of people especially the millenials.

The friendship that developed between the kids and Eleven was a delight to watch and who did not find Dustin the most adorable kid ever? Also, I will fight anyone who says that Steve sucks. I did not like him at all for most of the season until he turned around and we actually learned that he’s a great guy. That was pretty solid character work on the writers’ part. Nancy and Steve better stay together and Jonathan better stop pining for Nancy. I’m not here for this nonsense in season two.

I would also like to mention that I finally got around to finishing DAMAGES and this show was pretty much Glenn Close and Rose Byrne one-upping each other while having a complicated relationship with each other, be it sexual (although the show didn’t go there, I definitely thought several of their scenes came off that way), maternal, or whatever else. It was definitely a sexy show that portrayed the cat and mouse game at its finest.

I also watched FOREVER, a show that was cancelled by ABC in 2015 after one season. The only reason I watched this is because of the actress Alana de la Garza and I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire season quite enjoyable. After watching the final episode, I instantly regretted having watched the show because now I wouldn’t be able to witness Henry and Jo starting to get close as the finale hinted and eventually (hopefully) becoming more than just work partners.

HALT AND CATCH FIRE was another show that I watched, but just the first season (so far). The season was a bit uneven at times, but I enjoyed it overall. Donna and Cameron are easily the show’s best and most interesting characters and I’m glad to hear that the second and third seasons shift the focus to these characters instead of focusing on their male counterparts. I’m going to hopefully finish both seasons during the winter hiatus.

Here’s to another year of great TV!

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