“So, are you an astronomy guy or is this more of a Rear Window type of thing?”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: The Woman Behind the Clothes
Original Air Date: July 18, 2017
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

Kat finds herself the victim of internet trolling when she stands up for gender inequality. Sutton thinks she may have found her dream job but worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it work. And Jane pursues a story about a congresswoman but tries to find a different angle to make her voice heard.

My Review

I continue to really love this show and enjoy all of the characters, main and supporting. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s between Kat, Sutton, and Jacqueline.

Kat because she’s Kat and how can you not like her? She is the very definition of awesome and everything I aspire to be. How I wish I had an ounce of her confidence.

Sutton because I can totally relate to her storyline right now in that I’m in an uncertain point in my life, career-wise, and I’m trying to find my place professionally so I’m living vicariously through Sutton and I’m getting inspired to figure out what I want to do with my career.

Jacqueline because she is a dream boss and the most supportive boss in the history of television. Her constant support of her employees is admirable and makes me wish that all bosses were more like her.

I like Jane, too, but not as much as those three characters. It’s probably because hers is the storyline that I least relate with. Lauren is also cool especially when she didn’t hesitate to help Sutton in last week’s episode with the ad sales position and then in this episode where she was more than happy to craft a plan to have Sutton get that assistant position with Oliver. She’s not bad at all despite what the other three women said earlier about her not being supportive when it comes to helping other women.

The guys are good with Alex being my favorite followed by Richard. I think the show is trying to build a friendship between Alex and Sutton and I can’t wait for this to eventually turn into something more. I know she’s with Richard right now and Richard seems to be genuine and cares for Sutton very much, but I’m not sure how long their relationship will last if they have to keep on hiding it from everyone at work. Ryan is great as well and is perfect for Jane. I still like their chemistry and they have a great dynamic. Plus, they’re both pretty to look at.

I certainly missed Adena in this episode, but it’s understandable with what Kat had to go through. Internet trolls are the worst and her engaging with them initially was not a good idea. She should have ignored all those mean tweets and stepped away from her own personal Twitter account to save her sanity. It was pretty great how she turned that hate around and make it a positive, though. And she even got to help out someone who went through the same thing and have her company’s product be used as the VR of choice for Scarlet. Win-win for both women.

I wonder what Adena had to talk to Kat about. Is it next week already? I just want more scenes between them because it’s great to watch Kat lose her composure a little bit when she’s around Adena. I couldn’t stop smiling when Kat saw that text from Adena and you could feel all the weight just fall down Kat’s shoulders. She instantly looked happier and lighter. Oh Kat, you are so smitten, it’s adorable.

Loved how Jane turned that article into something more than just a profile of the congresswoman. Very smart how she figured out that the congresswoman was using fashion to direct attention away from her policies and votes. I wonder if anyone else currently in office is doing the same thing. And it’s very smart of the congresswoman to do this because she’s just taking advantage of the press’ gullible attitude and always making it about the fashion instead of the issues.

Lastly, I love the music played on the show and the Spotify playlist is terrific. If you’re interested, Here is the list of songs played for each episode and it gets updated as soon as each episode airs. Love that the majority of these songs are by female artists.

“I will judge you. Judge you unexpectedly awesome.”

TV Show: Wynonna Earp
Episode Title: Whiskey Lullaby
Original Air Date: July 14, 2017
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

Wynonna races against the clock to save Purgatory before the whole town takes a permanent dirt nap.

My Review

Well, that was a clever way to incorporate Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy into the show. Reminds me of an accelerate pregnancy storyline on Fringe, but you know, less creepy. This is actually very smart of the writers to have Wynonna be as pregnant as Melanie so that when the show comes back next season (and I’m hoping there will be a third season), Wynonna will have given birth already.

Kudos to Melanie for killing it this episode. I honestly think that all the praise she got last week was a bit much and she should have gotten all the praise and kudos for her performance for this episode instead. The last scene with her and Waverly was so good and I was getting quite emotional there and even more after it was revealed what was on Doc’s note: “I’m all in.”

Love how Waverly was so protective of Wynonna throughout the episode with her getting Wynonna to drink tea, telling Doc and Dolls to give Wynonna time and space, and being there for Wynonna in the end telling her that she will be there for her. They are the best sisters on television.

Nicole and Waverly were too fucking adorable in this episode. Nicole needing reassurance that Waverly remembers everything about their time together while she was possessed was so sweet and damn, Dominique and Kat were really into that kiss! Nicole was just about ready to suck on Waverly’s fingers there for a second and I do believe that Waverly even had a bit of tongue action going there.

Dolls’ reaction was to be expected and this is one of the reasons why I was dreading this whole pregnancy storyline. I’m not here for a love triangle (although, to be fair, there still would have been a triangle, pregnancy or no pregnancy), but I’m going to have faith and trust that Emily Andras knows how to handle this triangle between all three characters without making any of them assholes. She should take a page out of the You Me Her handbook and have Doc, Wynonna, and Dolls become a throuple, heh.

Doc’s note was really nice and definitely made up for him walking out on Wynonna when he found out about the baby. I actually think he’d make a great father. Loved it when Wynonna called the baby “this poor asshole” during her conversation with Waverly. That baby is going to have two badass parents, for sure.

Jeremy was a riot in this episode. So great to have him seamlessly integrated into the cast without being too overbearing or have him step on anyone’s toes. And he was so close saving Doc and Waverly from the black widows. How cute was it when he said that he was going to need someone to write a reference letter now that BBD is no longer?

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Waverly’s code name is Angel Pants and Wynonna’s is Bacon Donut.

– “You guys make The Notebook look bleak” and “Do you practice those googly eyes in the mirror or is it just natural talent?” Wynonna’s amusing/teasing comments about Wayhaught will never get old.

– I was surprised at my reaction when Dolls kissed Wynonna…I actually had a smile on my face. I just need him to get over this pregnancy fast and be there for Wynonna as a friend or whatever she needs.

– “If it sounds like a hippie hemorrhoid cream, I don’t want it in my cup.”

– “That was so not on WebMD.”

– “It felt a lot heavier.”

– “Tell me I’m wearing clothes this time.”

“Did Krystal just fall arse-backwards into something big again?”

TV Show: Orphan Black
Episode Title: Manacled Slim Wrists
Original Air Date: July 15, 2017
Episode Number: 5×06

Episode Description

Cosima is forced into an alliance with Susan Duncan when an old enemy returns to the island, accelerating P.T. Westmoreland’s sinister agenda. Meanwhile, Krystal stumbles onto a vital clue to the Neolution endgame.

My Review

Best episode of the season so far and it’s mostly due to Krystal. LOVED all of her scenes. What a joy this character is and how much she just makes the episode better just by being in it. Her dislike of Sarah is too fucking funny and the fact that she thinks Sarah is Australian is even better. Her scenes were ridiculous, but this is the kind of ridiculous that I don’t mind and absolutely love. And it’s tied to the overall arc with Len’s company being bought out by Dyad because they want to test their products on animals and humans. That Rachel is a smart one, for sure.

The best part about Krystal’s storyline (well, one of the best parts) was the fact that Tatiana’s boyfriend, Tom Cullen, played Len Sipp! I bet they had a fucking blast shooting this episode where Tatiana plays a bimbo who gets to kick Tom’s character in the balls and where he gets to play a complete smarmy douche. Omg, best casting ever. And on top of that, we get to see Tatiana as Sarah watch Tatiana as Krystal beating Tom as Len. 😂

Brie and Scott were also fun and I loved how Scott got flustered with Brie flirting with him. Poor guy just wants to do science and now he’s caught up with Brie and Krystal’s shenanigans. How much fun was that opening scene with Krystal and Brie shooting their vlog? SO GOOD. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Kira pretending to be sick so that she doesn’t have to go to Dyad was great, but it’s too bad the fun had to end when Rachel came knocking the door to take her away. I’m afraid they can’t delay this anymore. Cosima and Charlotte need to get back to the mainland asap to get in contact with Sarah and the other and warn them.

Shit has hit the fun in Wonderland (Kira’s code name for the island) and PT has been found out. I knew it! I knew he’s not really PT. They fucking got me to believe it after we saw the character; I should have stuck with my gut. Too bad that Susan is now gone. She actually was going to save Cosima and maybe help Kira get away from Rachel. Sucks about Ira, too, but at least now they’re together in the afterlife (if there is one).

Mud’s world has been turned upside down and I so wish that she listened to Cosima and got out of there while she still could. Now she’s stuck with a bunch of angry people who are burning everything in sight. My question is, why haven’t these people gone up to the house to burn it down yet? Why were they burning the places where they sleep and eat? Idiots. Coady and John need to be burned inside that house.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Glad that Siobhan has told Sarah about working with Delphine. No more secrets, please! You guys play for the same team after all.

– I cracked up so much at Krystal answering/talking out loud whenever Art or Sarah would talk to her or ask her a question. Good thing Len is not the most observant person.

– “Is she really necessary? ‘Cuz she’s so rude every single time.” – Krystal to Art about Sarah (LOL)

– “What I couldn’t get with brains, I bought.”
“With fortune and fiction. That’s how the patriarchy works.” – Susan telling it like it is.

– “Okay, steer him to Dyad. Don’t make it obvious.”
“Len, you sold your company to Dyad.”

“New nerd, meet old nerd”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: The Hullen Have Eyes
Original Air Date: July 14, 2017
Episode Number: 3×03

Episode Description

After tracing a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, the Killjoys find an abandoned Hullen training camp, creepy inhabitants and a connection to their past.

My Review

Great episode. Who else thought that Aneela was going to kiss Delle Seyah in that last scene? I wouldn’t have minded at all. Seems like the chemistry between the two actresses is there even though one of them is playing a different character. Also, is the actress playing Delle Seyah pregnant? She looks different and a little more round in the face and I noticed that the camera has been trying not to shoot her from the waist down and that her clothes are looser.

This whole Hullen thing is getting more convoluted with each episode. So we get the explanation as to what happened with D’avin entering one of the Black Root ships at the end of the first episode. It’s because he and Khlyen were uniquely linked and Khlyen used that to have D’avin be able to take control of the ship. Hmm. Now if only Khlyen could have also figured out a way to provide answers to the team from beyond the grave, that would be great. Maybe that’s what the Remnant is for?

Loved Johnny being a begrudging mentor to Zeph. I just hope that Zeph listens for once and just doesn’t go doing her own thing without thinking about it and thus endangering the rest of the team. They got lucky in this instance, but it won’t be like this all the time. It’s good that Johnny is giving her a chance to prove herself to the team because Dutch asked and Zeph seems to be very smart and capable so far. She just needs to listen and be a team player.

This exchange between Johnny and Zeph was very funny:

“Why did you stay on the ship?”
“Because you don’t like me or trust me to stay alone?”
“What? No. Well, okay, yes, fine, but what did you stay here to do?”
“Compile data so I can better understand the situation.”
“Or, put another way, you saw weird shit happening, and you wanted to figure it out, which makes you…”
“Uh, super cool, always single?”
“Mm, or, put another way…a nerd. And the thing about nerds is that we save the day way more than people think. So let’s do some nerdy shit and save the day.”

I liked that the show addressed the repercussions of Johnny leaving the team and how that impacted the dynamic and the relationships of the team. D’avin is not resentful that Johnny left, but there’s certainly a feeling of hurt and abandonment that is on the surface and I’m glad that this isn’t just being swept under the rug. I can’t wait for Dutch and Johnny to have this talk and hope that it is coming.

The main plot was okay with the Unseeing and the Undead and how this adds to the mythology. I wonder how long the Hullen has planned this indoctrination of their own kind with real people. So weird seeing normal houses and a normal-looking neighborhood on this show.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I was bummed that the RAC boss told Johnny to get rid of the finger banger. What will Clara think when she meets Johnny again?

– Very cool that Hannah is using a different voice and accent for the Aneela character.

– Why is Aneela so insistent not to talk about the fact that her face looks just like Dutch?

– Can’t wait to see what kind of havoc this new team of Aneela and Delle Seyah will wreak upon Dutch and her team.

– “Don’t get scared.”
“Get nerdy.”

– “Risk nothing, get nothing.”

– “I just thought you’d be better looking.” LOL.

– Funniest moment of the episode is when D’avin came back into the frame when Johnny said out loud to no one as D’avin and Quinn were leaving that he’ll just stay in The Room That Sings to find a way to help and find Dutch and get them out of this place: “Perfect. Love ya.”

“Everything before the word ‘but’ is horseshit”

TV Show: Game of Thrones
Episode Title: Dragonstone
Original Air Date: July 16, 2017
Episode Number: 7×01

Episode Description

Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home.

My Review

I’m so glad that I remained spoiler-free for this episode until I had a chance to watch it three days after the premiere (I was abroad on vacation) and the only spoiler I came across was the Ed Sheeran cameo which I already knew about last year when it was reported. So yay me for not getting spoiled!

This was a very good episode to set up this (shortened) season. I think we touched on all of the necessary characters and saw where they’re at in their stories.

My favorite scene was probably the Jon and Sansa solo scene of them talking and being honest with each other. I like their dynamic and just hope that Sansa doesn’t let Littlefinger or her own discontent cause discord between her and Jon. They’re stronger together than apart. I also hope that Jon doesn’t shut out Sansa completely and is attuned to her thoughts and behavior and that he’ll listen and hear her out whenever she has something to say. She’s not the Sansa of old anymore. Like she said, she has learned a lot from her days at King’s Landing and especially from Cersei (and also Margaery and Lady Olenna).

Their disagreement during the council was awkward, to say the least. They both had very good arguments, but Jon was probably the most sensible at this certain time because they need as many men as they could to fight against the White Walkers.

Loved Lady Mormont! So much sass and power in that little girl. “I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me.” I laughed. Also, how great were everyone’s reactions when she told her uncle off for trying to protect her? The reactions of Brienne, Sansa, and Davos were priceless.

Brienne teaching Podrick how to sword fight with Tormund watching was quite amusing especially when Tormund came up to Brienne. I don’t ship them (Brienne/Jaime forever), but Tormund always having heart eyes whenever Brienne is around is adorable. I hope Brienne teaches Sansa how to fight. Sansa should lead by example.

Bran and Meera made it safely to The Wall and they are close to reuniting with Jon and Sansa. Maybe. That shot of the Walkers’ army was quite chilling. They had Walker giants. Fuck’s sake. How are our heroes going to defeat them? There’s not a lot of dragonglass in the north.

The sequence of Sam’s life in Oldtown was so fucking gross and totally unnecessary. We would have gotten the point after the first couple of sequences, but of course it kept going on and on. Did not need to see that. Good ol’ Sam coming through and finding that there’s a mountain of dragonglass in Dragonstone and sending word to Jon. Wonder if Jon will head there now and give the show an excuse to finally have Jon and Daenerys meet or if he’ll send someone.

Also in Oldtown? Jorah Mormont! That’s cool that he’s still alive and in a cell living with greyscale. Even in his imprisoned and sickly state, he’s still thinking about Daenerys. Ever the loyal subject. I don’t remember if Oldtown was in the credits last season, but I noticed that it was included in the credits for this episode and it made me smile.

Jaime trying to talk down Cersei and advising her that they are surrounded by enemies and that they need allies was an interesting scene. Cersei knows all of this too well and that’s why she’s entertaining a proposition from Euron Greyjoy. Let’s see what he brings back to prove his loyalty to Cersei. This is going to be a lot of fun seeing Jaime squirm while Euron flirts with Cersei. I doubt she’ll go through with marrying Euron since she loves Jaime too much, but then again, if she’s desperate, she just might proceed with it. For her, power trumps love.

The opening scene was quite epic and was probably the best scene to open this season with. Arya disguises herself as Walder and poisoning their wine to exact revenge for her family was perfect. I realized that that was Arya when the wine came out and I was just waiting for the payoff and it was pretty sweet. “Tell them ‘The North remembers.’ Tell them ‘Winter came for House Frey'” FUCK. YEAH.

Clegane giving Beric and Thoros a hard time about their Lord of Light was very funny. I loved him calling them names and of course it wasn’t too funny when he saw what he saw on the fire. They just might make a believer out of him. It was just pointed out to me after reading a message board that that house and the father and daughter who died there was the same family whom Clegane robbed from back in season four. Him burying them now makes sense. He was trying to atone for his sins.

The Ed Sheeran cameo was okay, nothing to be angered about. Poor Ed having to delete his Twitter account because he was getting so much grief and hate for that cameo. People are such nasty folk who have nothing better to do than pick on people anonymously and from the comfort of their own homes. He was fine as an extra and the song was fine. Just be glad that he wasn’t given too many lines because that probably would have angered the fans even more.

So Arya is heading to King’s Landing to kill Cersei. It’s too bad because I want her to go to Winterfell, but then again, she doesn’t know that Jon and Sansa are still alive, right? She probably thinks there’s nothing else for her, but to continue on her quest to exact revenge on everyone and anyone who crossed her and her family and friends. The Lannister soldiers laughing at Arya when she honestly made the declaration that she was going to kill the queen was very amusing because they have no idea that Arya was being serious!

And lastly, we have Daenerys finally coming home to Dragonstone and ready to battle it out with Cersei and whoever else will stand in her way to claim the title as the ruler of the seven kingdoms. Loved how this whole sequence had no dialogue, just the characters looking in awe at the castle and looking at their queen and her reaction. So great. And I thought the one line that was uttered during this sequence was the perfect way to end this episode. “Shall we begin?”

“Americans are a funny lot”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The World of Tomorrow
Original Air Date: November 10, 2015
Episode Number: 2×05

Episode Description

Frank tries to navigate his new place on The Hill.

My Review

Did not see Frank ending up in uniform and still working on the project. So that was Darrow’s plan all along? Why go through all that subterfuge with pretending that Frank won’t be involved with the project anymore only to have him still work on it? Or did I misunderstand this episode at all?

Have not really been a fan of this season and there are only five episodes left until this show is finished for good. There better be some satisfactory endings to this story and with the characters.

I miss the scenes in season one where the scientists would figure stuff out and the show still made it compelling. Where has that been? We haven’t seen much of that this season and I don’t like it. Helen’s group is trying to figure out the best and fastest way to enrich uranium, but what are the other groups doing? What is Charlie doing aside from overseeing everything?

Why did Liza look guilty when Frank came to visit her? Is she cheating on him with that reporter? Did Abby lose the baby? I was only half-paying attention to this episode so I kind of missed her conversation with Liza. Crosley, I don’t even care anymore.

RIP, Dunlavey. You turned out alright in the end after all.

It’s too bad this show has dropped in quality. It was so great in season one.

“We can cheat the rules of time”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: The Day We Died
Original Air Date: May 6, 2011
Episode Number: 3×22

Episode Description

Peter successfully enters the machine with Olivia’s help, and is transported to the future days where Walternate’s universe is the one which has been destroyed. Walter learns about the origins of the machine and its ultimate purpose and sends back Peter to change his choice but gets lost in the time warp.

My Review

Very impressive finale, but I wasn’t too keen on the fact that the majority of what we saw didn’t happen and will not come to pass thanks to Walter and Peter. Nevertheless, that last scene was quite shocking with Peter disappearing into the ether as if he never existed, which according to September, he never did. Now that he’s served his purpose, there was no need for him to exist anymore. And we now understand why September was so intent on saving Peter and keeping him alive all this time.

It’s crazy how mythology-heavy this episode was. We got a ton of answers in regards to a few of the mythologies on the show including The First People. So Walter (and the rest of them) were the First People because it was him who planted all those doomsday device pieces all around the world so that when the time comes, it will help in either creating or destroying someone’s world. Crazy stuff.

Even though I didn’t like that most of the episode is not really part of canon because everything that happened in it was inconsequential, it was still pretty cool to see this version of the future (15 years from the present) and how everyone turned out:

– Olivia is the leader of the Fringe Division
– Peter is an agent in Fringe Division
– Olivia and Peter are married, but are too worried to bring a kid into the universe
– Ella is a new Fringe Division agent and it looks like Rachel has passed away
– Astrid is now also a Fringe Division agent and has straight hair (!)
– Walter is incarcerated because the public called for his arrest after it was revealed what Walter’s involvement was in regards to the world deteriorating
– Broyles is a senator and there’s something wrong with one of his eyes
– Nina was there at Olivia’s funeral, but we didn’t really find out anything about her
– The other universe was destroyed, but Walternate was able to cross over at the last minute and is working to destroy this universe as revenge
– Olivia dies at Walternate’s hands by shooting her right in the head (this future definitely sucks because I wouldn’t want to watch a show where Olivia is no longer alive)
– Olivia was given a Viking funeral, interesting
– Olivia has telekinesis powers and it was only a few years before that she was able to control them

Lastly, we didn’t hear Peter’s speech about Olivia at the funeral scene, but I think the whole speech is audible in the DVD version. Here is the whole speech, which I thought was beautiful and should really have been played on the actual airing of the episode.

“Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me. When we first met, I was a nomad, moving from place to place, job to job. She gave me a purpose. She taught me to believe in something bigger than myself. She taught me to fight to keep our world safe, and more recently, to keep it from dying.

The truth is – we’re all dying. From the moment we’re born, we are all dying, and the universe is unspeakably cruel. Our one hope is that we can find some purpose, some meaning before the last day comes. Some happiness…and love. Olivia was all of that to me. There was no one like her. While I will not cease to fight, now that she’s gone, I’m afraid I’m already lost. That we are all lost. The world is a darker place without her.”

That last sentence gutted me and I couldn’t agree more.

I think I’ll take a short break before I start season four. S3 was probably the best season of the show so far, but I hate to admit that it did stumble a little bit towards the end of the season, notably with the Stowaway episode, which I still think is the worst Fringe episode ever.