“Monkeys and microwaves?”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Dandelion Sky
Original Air Date: June 13, 2018
Episode Number: 3×10

Episode Description

Holden sees past, present, and future; a ghost from Melba’s past threatens her mission; Bobbie struggles to trust an old friend as she leads a group into uncharted territory.

My Review

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who groaned when the episode ended. I wanted it to go on and just tell us what happened when Holden stuck his hand in that circuit or whatever that thing was. One thing I hate about this show (and probably the only thing that I hate about it) is that it always ends on a cliffhanger. Not cool, show!

I finished reading book three this week and I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen until the end of the season and into the fourth season (thank you, Amazon) and I cannot wait to watch all of that epic-ness unfold. We are definitely in for a quite a ride, y’all.

Nice to see Bobbie back but not so nice to see her shooting at Holden. Not sure if she was feeling pressured or she didn’t feel like she had a choice since the mission was to take Holden back and apprehend him but it was still disappointing to see her shoot at him, someone whom she’s gotten to know very well and she would probably consider a friend. It’s all good, though, since the protomolecule saved Holden and disemboweled/incinerated/liquefied the lead Marine who was all gung ho and trigger happy.

Of course, that led to The Ring adjusting the speed limit again affecting the ships inside it: Naomi’s skiff, the Roci, the Behemoth, the Thomas Prince, and the rest. I don’t even want to know how much damage or how many lives would be lost by that sudden stop. One good thing about that was it probably saved Tilly’s life since Melba/Clarissa was about to kill her. Really hope Tilly survives. She might be vain/entitled/spoiled but she’s good people and she doesn’t deserve to get killed by another spoiled kid.

I like Anna fine but I think her scenes should be limited. The whole memorial thing felt too contrived to me and didn’t feel as genuine or well-thought out as the rest of the episode. I’m just glad Tilly is in the same ship as Anna because their scenes spark when they’re onscreen together. Anna is going to feel even more guilt after sending Tilly to talk to Melba/Clarissa so Tilly better be safe!

Shit is slowly hitting the fan aboard the Behemoth. Drummer knows exactly what Ashford is up to and she is on to him. I love that they’re both open and honest about it (well, Drummer is; Ashford is still being coy) and how Drummer’s hatred of Ashford is written all over her face and her words are spiked with venom whenever she talks to Ashford. I love it and I continue to marvel at how fucking badass Drummer is. I’m so happy she has a bigger role this season because Cara Gee is truly magnificent in this role.

Amos and Alex remain the best duo. We’ve been seeing some really great interactions with both of them this season (together with Amos and Holden) and this episode had another really good scene. Amos talked about how he hasn’t felt fear since he was five years old and Alex wishes he could live life without fear and Amos says “No, you don’t.” This gives us more hints about Amos’ backstory and how it sounds completely tragic. Also loved the ending to their conversation that if/when the time comes, Amos will take Alex with him just like the woman he knew back in Baltimore who jumped off the roof with her two cats. If the end comes, Amos will go out guns blazing and will take Alex with him. Man, I need an Amos in my life.

Lastly, I’m not even sure what to think of that ending. Were the images (naked) Holden seeing from the present going back to the past? Was that the protomolecule telling Holden what happened all those billions of years ago? But that last thing looked like our sun which got blown up to bits or lost its luster. What is going on? I don’t understand anything. 😱


“I’m a glorified fluffer”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: Rose Colored Glasses
Original Air Date: June 12, 2018
Episode Number: 2×02

Episode Description

Believing it shouldn’t matter, Kat bristles when Alex recommends she highlights that she is black in her company bio. However, while introducing her parents to Adena, Kat is forced to confront how her avoidance of labels has affected her life. Sutton is horrified when she discovers her fellow fashion assistants think she was asked to organize a photo shoot featuring “honorable men” for reasons other than her talent. And Jane tries to defend herself after the fallout from her Incite article, which doesn’t go as planned.

My Review

Why can’t we get more than 12 episodes per season of this show? I would watch these girls all year long if I had a choice. I just love their chemistry, their stories, and their general awesomeness. Their relationship with each other is something that I covet because don’t we all want that support from a particular set of friends who will be there for you no matter what?

Sutton standing up to that other assistant who was slut shaming her made me cheer. You do you, Sutton! Nice pep talk from Jacqueline which also made me smile because everything Jacqueline said about Sutton was correct. She is a people person. She is magnetic. She is just like a ray of light. And a pox to anyone who would dim that light.

Not surprised that Jane got fired. Incite really wasn’t a good fit for her after all and I think the editor might have misrepresented what Jane was supposed to be doing when the editor was making her pitch to Jane to come work for her. Really sucky for Jane to be out of a job but I have no doubt that Jacqueline will offer her a position at Scarlet so that everyone will be together again.

Poor Kat. That was a really good storyline with her having that conflict about being unsure on how to label herself (black or Caucasian). Really great insights as well from Alex, Adena, and Kat’s parents. Good on the show for addressing this and doing a great job with it. And kudos to Aisha for a fantastic job during the emotional scenes.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Is that guy from the photo shoot going to be Jane’s new boyfriend? I do not approve only because I thought the actor seemed a tad too stiff.

– I have a bad feeling about the new female board member. Is she going to screw Scarlet over and push for it to be closed?

– Did anyone else notice the different font size when Kat added “first black female department head” in her bio? The anal person inside me cringed, lol.

– The meme of Jane was HILARIOUS. I especially loved Kat bopping along to it. 😅

– The opening scene with the girls in three separate locations of that juice place was classic The Bold Type.

“I did it for me, not against you”

TV Show: Billions
Episode Title: Elmsley Count
Original Air Date: June 10, 2018
Episode Number: 3×12

Episode Description

Chuck looks to strike the ultimate blow on an enemy.

My Review

Now that’s how you end a fantastic season. Boom. That was some damn great television and it made me even more excited for the next season. It’s going to be a long wait but until then I have a slew of shows that I can watch to pass the time.

My favorite scene? Definitely the one in the garage where Taylor and Wendy talked and really laid it out for each other. Taylor telling Wendy she’s a fuck up (in a manner of speaking) made my jaw drop. I can’t believe Taylor said that but of course they are just speaking honestly and they have a very valid point about the events that have happened within the company.

“You don’t seem to understand. I’m not just offering you a job for my sake. I’m offering you a fresh start, for yours. A reset from your slew of fuck-ups. You let things devolve at Axe Capital. You didn’t see me being pushed out the door. You couldn’t stop Axe from succumbing to his own worst nature. Instead you succumbed to it. And who knows what other fallout you’ve created or at least allowed elsewhere in your life.”

Dang, Taylor. Not mincing words there, I see. And then the continuation of their conversation:

“You’re a brilliant person. You have a lot of answers. But you are very young and there’s a lot more to this business than you’ve learned so far.”
“It’s not just about numbers and decimal points. The thing that makes it matter is: lasting relationships. True loyalty. Real trust.”
“No, I’m pretty sure there’s only money and it can buy all those things or at least the same result. That’s what you and Axe taught me.”

Another point to Taylor because they are absolutely right. I don’t think Axe is loyal to anyone except maybe towards Wags and Wendy and his kids. Everyone else he can do away with and just buy everyone else’s loyalty. Taylor is going to emulate Axe in that regard because that’s what they were taught.

I really would love to see Taylor succeed in their business and give Axe a worthy opponent. Taylor is brilliant and it will be hard to see anyone getting anything around them so I can’t wait to see what Axe (and Chuck and Wendy) come up with to screw Taylor over.

Also, kudos to Asia for being right there with Damian during the Taylor/Axe confrontation. Both actors went toe to toe with each other and it was such a thrill watching them go at it.

I did not see Sacker screwing over Chuck AT ALL. I get that she was pretty pissed (and rightfully so) about Chuck going to her father even after she asked him not to because he could have gotten in trouble but I thought her and Chuck were in this together, the fight to take down the AG. So what exactly changed? Didn’t she want the AG to stop meddling with their cases and telling them what to prosecute? What’s the real reason she did this? It can’t just be about doing the right thing because if she was, she would have backed Chuck’s play and prosecuted the crooked AG and his brother. Can it be because she was looking out for her career and wanted to have an in with the AG? Someone please explain this to me. Sacker is my favorite character and I really don’t want to not like her anymore.

Actually, now that I think about it, I guess Connerty’s personal vendetta against Chuck blinded him to the fact that the AG is a crooked politician that he gave him a pass for it and told him about Chuck’s plans instead. Chuck was doing something good for a change here and it’s ironic that this is what brought on his downfall and at the hands of Connerty and the gang. Gonna be tough keeping that NY AG seat warm.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I have a bad feeling Grigor is going to end up screwing both Taylor and Axe.

– Mafee joining Taylor was expected since they have gotten close. Not pretty seeing Axe practically consider Mafee dead, though.

– It was nice to see Oscar back even though it was only to put his money on Taylor’s company because he trusts them to make him money. So sad to see Taylor get shut down.

– The last scene with Wendy, Chuck, and Axe was perfect. I loved the smiles they were throwing at each other and how excited all three of them are to actually collaborate instead of fighting against each other.

– Bring on season four!

“So this isn’t a pep talk?”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: Feminist Army
Original Air Date: June 12, 2018
Episode Number: 2×01

Episode Description

Jane is excited to publish her first big piece for Incite, especially since she’s writing about a female CEO she admires, and she knows Jacqueline will be reading it. Sutton is thrown when a new corporate policy seems to give her and Richard the green light on their romance. And Adena grows frustrated when Kat seems too eager to flaunt their burgeoning relationship.

My Review

Hulu made this episode available for viewing ahead of its June 12th premiere so of course I didn’t want to wait so here we are. Great season premiere which laid out the story arcs for this season. Sutton choosing her career over love. Jane maybe realizing Incite is not the place for her after all. Kat enjoying the bliss of being in a relationship with someone she is deeply in love with and the burgeoning of her career.

Sutton was the MVP of the episode for me because she is just adorable and perfect and hilarious and wonderful and everything in between. Meghann is fantastic in the role and imbues Sutton with so much charisma and warmth. And she’s hilarious to boot! Sutton had a couple of hilarious lines in this episode (the “hijacking” line and her blurting out “or at least her vagina” when Kat said she has to go look for Adena, lol). Meghann has great comedic timing and I would want to see her in a romantic comedy.

Anyway, Sutton choosing her career over Richard was the right call. The double standard that would have existed when that relationship became public would destroy her career and no one would want to work with her or trust her because they would just think she got to where she is because of who she’s sleeping with. Richard would never understand that but at least he didn’t get mad when she broke things off with him completely. I hope this is the last nail in the coffin for this relationship. As much as I enjoy them together, I don’t see the writers dipping into this well again in the future.

Jane getting screwed over by her boss at Incite was a pretty low blow. That wasn’t her editorializing Jane’s piece. That was her changing the article completely and putting Jane’s name on it. Talk about a breach of trust. Yeah, Jacqueline, she is not.

Really loved Kat and Adena’s conversation on the couch and how honest and open they both were about the subject matter. Freeform showing Kat going down on Adena was pretty surprising. I don’t watch any other shows on Freeform so I’m not sure if scenes like these are common but I was pleasantly surprised by that. And these two still have hot and crazy chemistry together. Really hope they stay together for the duration of this series.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– How adorable was it to see Jane and Sutton waiting for Kat at the airport even after her flight got delayed for three hours? I want to be best friends with them all.

– “If you masturbate on a plane, do they arrest you for high jacking?” Oh, Sutton. Never change.

– I was laughing so hard at Kat asking Richard questions during the sexual harassment seminar and part of it was because of Sutton’s mortified face, lol.

– Sutton looked breathtakingly beautiful throughout this episode. The hair, the makeup…everything was beautiful.

– Jane’s not a fan of the Oxford comma, I see.

“I’m coming home”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Intransigence
Original Air Date: June 6, 2018
Episode Number: 3×09

Episode Description

The Rocinante seeks a new game plan as they attempt to avoid capture; Melba’s true motives are revealed; Naomi is torn between identity and ideal; Anna seeks a way to stay aboard the Thomas Prince.

My Review

I started book three this week (on which the last few episodes are based) and it immediately answered my question about who Melba is so that was kind of disappointing to be spoiled right away, lol. It’s all good, though. I think my mind would have been blown if I didn’t know she was a Mao and what her real motives are until I watched this episode. I hope she comes to the quick realization that her father is not worthy trying to impress because judging from their interactions in the flashback, he thinks very little of her and I honestly don’t think her getting revenge on Holden would make much of a difference. Jules stating outright to Melba that she will never measure up to Julie was all kinds of messed up. Who says that to their kid? Jeez! Father of the Year, you are not, Jules.

The Drummer/Naomi goodbye scene broke my heart and left me quite saddened. I wanted more scenes between the two of them and I’m super bummed we’re not going to get ANY more Draomi scenes this season or in the future. I have enjoyed all of their scenes together because Cara and Dominique have great natural chemistry with each other. I admit I do ship them and that’s part of why I’m sad about this but at least they parted in good terms. Loved hearing Naomi say “And I love you” to Drummer although she meant it in general, that she loves the Belters and the Belt and lumped Drummer in there.

Drummer’s speech gave me chills. Cara is SO GOOD as Drummer and just the way she carries Drummer in the way she stands make me want to serve under her and have her as my Captain. I just hope that Ashford has no plans to usurp the title of Captain from Drummer now that Naomi is no longer on the ship. Drummer needs someone else whom she can trust and that person is not Ashford.

I’m quite excited to see Naomi heading back to rejoin her boys on the Roci, though. They definitely need her so she can fix the ship after that guy messed it up. Can’t wait to see how she reacts to Holden seeing/talking/interacting with Miller. She probably won’t bat an eye and just accept it as what it is: the protomolecule at work in mysterious ways.

Funniest scene in the episode was definitely Alex asking Holden about Miller and if he’s had any luck and then Holden looking glum and super pissed and then closing the door without saying anything. Then we hear him yell “MILLER!” and then Alex’s reaction made me laugh even harder. 😅

Alex’s reaction to Amos spacing Monica and the blind guy was equally funny. Amos was right! That was him being gentle and if they can’t communicate with the Seung Un so the next best alternative was to send those two to the ship and to relay the message that that whole Holden thing wasn’t their doing and not to arrest them. Smart man, that Amos.

Interesting to see Anna doing her best to stay on the Thomas Prince. Guess seeing this miracle through is more important to her than her family. I can’t believe she actually said that she hasn’t seen a miracle until now which of course got me thinking that she doesn’t consider her daughter’s birth a miracle. Hmm. Nono is going to be super pissed once she finds out her wife decided to stay on the ship when she had the opportunity to come home to her family.

Also, as much as I would love to see Anna and that other woman hook up, I hope the show doesn’t go there because that would diminish Anna’s standing as a woman of faith and also because cheating is the worst. I can handle Anna and the woman flirting with each other and nothing more. There’s definitely chemistry between the two characters.

So how many more ships will go through the Ring now that they know how to get through? Is there a limit? How will the protomolecule react to these ships “invading” their space? What exactly is in that nucleus that Miller told Holden about? What is it going to do to Holden? Ah, so many questions.

“You’ve reached Shakespearan levels of insomnia”

TV Show: Billions
Episode Title: Kompenso
Original Air Date: June 3, 2018
Episode Number: 3×11

Episode Description

Taylor and Axe argue over Taylor’s worth at the firm.

My Review

Taylor Mason! Did! That! Whoa, that was truly surprising and quite impressive. Not only did they play Axe, they also played Wendy and used Wendy’s position and standing with Axe to convince him to offer more than what he originally offered them. That ending, man alive. Taylor Mason Capital. Very nice. I can’t wait until Axe finds out about everything just to see how he reacts. It’s going to be good.

On the other side of the story, we have Bryan gunning after Chuck again (with Dake’s help). I wonder if this is going to play out differently this time. I also wonder what the real reason was that he volunteered to oversee this thing at the FBI at the AG’s request. If he wants to gain favor from Jock and Chuck successfully puts Jock out of office, Bryan is not going to get anywhere. Even more so if his second attempt at gunning for Chuck doesn’t succeed.

Can’t wait to see Jock and Chuck going at it next week. Should be an interesting match. Really liked that Sacker and Allerd (I finally learned his name!) continue to help Chuck in his case against the AG. All three form quite a formidable team.

I liked that Chuck was sincere in his actions towards Ira and helping him dig out of this hole that Ira’s new wife had gotten themselves into. Maybe it was good that Chuck Sr. came in at the last minute to convince the wife to not divorce Ira because maybe what Ira needs most of all is a wife and a happy marriage after everything he’s been through. I had to laugh at Chuck Sr.’s advice about the lime juice.

Seeing everyone’s comp meetings was pretty interesting. It’s crazy that the bonus in these people’s world is in the millions. My mind can’t even fathom that figure.

“I love you like gangbusters”

TV Show: iZombie
Episode Title: And He Shall Be A Good Man
Original Air Date: May 28, 2018
Episode Number: 4×13

Episode Description

Clive, Ravi, Peyton, and Major work together to help Liv.

My Review

Well, that’s that then. I’m glad that this season is over because it was a pretty rough one with uneven storytelling and meandering plots. For next season, I would like the writers to tone down Liv’s quirks whenever she’s on a new brain because this was part of why I gave this season a bad grade. The past few seasons, the brains she was on were fun because I don’t think they were that forced, but this season, I definitely felt it.

This episode would have made for a pretty good series finale. Everyone had their happy ending: Liv is free to continue on as Renegade; Clive and Dale get married and get to have a family thanks to Liv; Major is now Commander (hee); Ravi and Peyton are still together; Blaine and Don E. are now the sole suppliers of brain for New Seattle. Not bad. And the best part of all is that we are rid of the most idiotic plot that happened to this show: Angus and his cult. Good riddance.

I did like the emotional beats in this episode with Liv saying goodbye to Clive, Ravi, and Peyton and then later with Liv giving the cure to Dale. That was awesome. Less effective was Liv mourning Levon’s death (Seriously, who the fuck cares about that character? They barely knew each other and then all of a sudden they were declaring their love? Meh.). Even less effective was the show trying to push the Major/Liv angle. They probably are endgame but I have never bought into their relationship. I hope we don’t see Major mooning over Liv next season. And I also hope that if the show really wants to have them be endgame that they don’t introduce another boyfriend for Liv. It’s getting old at this point.

My favorite moment was probably Peyton’s reaction when Ravi pulled a Han Solo as a response to her “I love you.” “Oh no, you didn’t.” Hee. “I love you like gangbusters.” They are too adorable.